lottie holly

Lottie Holly is a new mussel dredger commissioned by its owner Myti Mussels in September 2013. The dual purpose fishing and harvesting vessel was ordered to Maaskant Shipyards in 2012. It replaces the 21m Lôlipop mussel dredger constructed in 2004.

The design of the vessel is a result of the coordination between Myti Mussels and Maaskant, while Bruce Roberts Europe acted as the final construction designer. The hull of the mussel dredger was built by VDS Staal en Machinebouw and launched in June 2013.

The vessel carries the class notation 100 A1 fishing vessel MCH from Lloyd’s Register EMEA Marine. Approximately 40 subcontractors and suppliers were involved during construction of the mussel dredger.

The vessel will now operate in the Merai Strait, which separates the Isle of Anglesey from the Welsh mainland. It will carry out mussel seed fishing in the Irish Sea off Anglesey.

Lottie Holly dimensions and design

The mussel dredger has an overall length of 26.62m, beam of 10m, depth of 2.65m and draught of 1m. It is constructed of steel and aluminium, and weighs 187t.

The wheelhouse located on top at the aft deckhouse provides the crew with free main deck space from three sides. The deck gear includes a Maaskant electric anchor winch located in the bow, twin bollards forward and aft on each side, and a single bollard just forward to the wheelhouse.

Fishing equipment onboard the Lottie Holly mussel dredger

"The hull of the mussel dredger was built by VDS Staal en Machinebouw and launched in June 2013."

The main winch used for fishing comprises of two tipping drums and two fishing drums. It holds 300m of 16mm fishing wire and is powered by a 130kW electric motor. The winch is fitted below deck, forward of the hold.

The vessel is equipped with two rigs, a mussel flushing bunker and a hydraulic marine-type knuckle boom deck crane with a lifting capacity of 2.15t with an outreach of seven metres.

It is also fitted with a 7.5kW main air compressor with a 250ltr reservoir and a 4kW emergency unit. These are located in the technical space in the forward part of the vessel, providing the compressed air required for the mussel fishing winch control and the ship’s whistle and hand tools.

Lottie Holly tank capacities, accommodation and fire fighting facilities

The vessel is equipped with tanks which are capable of holding 18m³ of fuel oil, 3m³ of fresh water, 10m³ of ballast water and 0.4m³ of sewage.

The vessel provides accommodation facilities for four crew members in two double berth cabins. Auxiliary accommodation facilities include a small galley and shower toilet space.

The fire fighting facilities include three NOVEC bottles located in the engine room. The releases are located on the main deck adjacent to the engine room exit.

Lottie Holly dredger’s propulsion and machinery

The propulsion system of the mussel dredger includes two Caterpillar C18TA diesel engines rated at 335kW each.

"It is also fitted with a 7.5kW main air compressor with a 250ltr reservoir and a 4kW emergency unit."

A 515kVA C18 genset is located in the engine room and a 30.5kVA C2.2 harbour set is located in the technical space in the fore end of the ship. The two generators sets are complemented by a 32A shore power facility.

The vessel is also further equipped with a fixed pitch Schottel bow thruster of the tunnel type. The device is rated at 11kW and has a three bladed propeller.

A variable frequency converter has also been fitted to control the speed of the electric motor from stationary to 1,400rpm.

The steering gear of the vessel is comprised of four rudders that are controlled hydraulically by using rams and tie bars. Dual redundancy is maintained by two separate steering systems powered by two engine driven pumps, which can be controlled manually or by autopilot.

Besides the usual controls on the bridge, the vessel is also equipped with controls for all relevant fishing equipment.

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