A derrick lay vessel, Mc Dermott DLV 2000 was built by Keppel Singmarine shipyard in Singapore. Image courtesy of McDermott Inc.
The DLV 2000 measures 184m-long and has a beam of 38.6m. Image courtesy of McDermott Inc.
The DLV 2000 is installed with a helideck for a single helicopter. Image courtesy of McDermott Inc.

McDermott DLV 2000 is a derrick lay vessel built by Keppel Singmarine shipyard in Singapore. It is a flagship vessel in McDermott’s fleet of global offshore pipelay and construction vessels.

The vessel is a combination of heavy-lift and deepwater S-Lay pipelay vessel. It is ideal for installation, maintenance and decommissioning projects, and is deployed at Inpex Ichthys offshore LNG Project in Western Australia. As part of the project, the vessel is used for installing large subsea spools, laying infield umbilicals and lifting subsea distribution units.

The DLV 2000 has been classified by American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). It was christened in April 2016 and delivered in June 2016.

DLV 2000 technical specifications

The derrick lay vessel has an overall length of 184m, waterline length of 180m and beam of 38.6m. The minimum and maximum operating draft of the vessel is 5.5m and 7.7m respectively.

Deck equipment and systems

DLV 2000  offers a deck area of approximately 4,000m². The stern of the vessel is fitted with a 2,200t primary crane, including a 600t auxiliary hoist and whip with a capacity of 250t.

Two secondary cranes, including a 250t knuckle boom crane with active heave compensation and wire to accommodate a 3,000m water depth, and a 100t SWL fixed boom deck crane are also installed on board. The former is installed on the starboard side, whereas the latter is mounted on the main deck port side.

The vessel integrates a Class III dynamic positioning system. A large abandonment and recovery (A&R) wire with a 425t capacity is also available for lowering.

Pipelay equipment

Pipelay equipment on the vessel comprises three 150t main tensioners, a 500t / 250t A&R winch, 12 single workstations, six pre-fabricated double-joint workstations, and a 100m-long stinger.

The equipment enables the vessel to handle pipes with a minimum outer diameter (OD) of 4.5in (114.3mm) and a maximum OD of 60in (1,524mm).

Navigation and communication systems aboard DLV 2000

The vessel features GMDSS radio system in accordance to the areas of operation. The communication system operates on UHF and VHF bands.

Navigational Telex (NAVTEX) and emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) installed aboard the vessel ensure accurate navigation, as well as meteorological warnings and forecasts.

“It is a flagship vessel in the fleet of McDermott’s global offshore pipelay and construction vessels.”

The vessel is also equipped with a ship security alert system, search-and-rescue transponder and vessel local area network systems.

DLV 2000 safety features

Safety systems on board DLV 2000 comply with Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and other regulatory body requirements.

The vessel carries four life boats that are able to carry 106 people each. Two rescue boats are available on board for emergency rescue, capable of rescuing ten people each.

The vessel is also equipped with eight liferafts, including six with a capacity to carry 35 people each, and two capable of carrying 20 people each.


The vessel offers accommodation for 341 people in two-man rooms, and can house a maximum of 401 personnel in four-man rooms. A clinic with three beds is also available on the vessel.

Propulsion system

The vessel is equipped with two diesel engines providing a total propulsion power of 25.5MW. The main propulsion integrates two propellers, each producing 5,500kW of propulsion power.

DLV 2000 is also equipped with six drop-down thrusters that produce 2,000kW power each and two tunnel thrusters developing 1,250kW each. Power management and vessel automation systems on board the DLV 2000 were provided by Kongsberg.

The vessel sails at minimum and maximum transit speeds of 12kt and 13.5kt respectively. Six generators supplying a total power of 33MW and a Cummins emergency generator supplying 1.5MW power are installed for operation of machinery and other equipment on board.