Mein Schiff 5 replaced the existing Mein Schiff 1 cruise ship in July 2016. Image courtesy of Meyer Turku Oy.
The outfitting phase for Mein Schiff 5 commenced in January 2016. Image courtesy of Meyer Turku Oy.
The keel-laying ceremony of the Mein Schiff 5 was held in June 2015. Image courtesy of Meyer Turku Oy.
Rolls Royce supplied the propellers for TUI Cruises’ new vessel. Image courtesy of Meyer Turku Oy.

Mein Schiff

Mein Schiff 5 is a wellbeing cruise liner built by Meyer Turku Shipyard (formerly STX Finland Terku) in Finland for TUI Cruises, a joint-venture between TUI and Royal Caribbean Cruises.

The vessel’s construction began in November 2014, the keel-laying ceremony was held in June 2015, and the outfitting phase commenced in January 2016. It was delivered in  June 2016, and the ship sailed on her maiden voyage in July 2016.Mein Schiff 5 replaced the Mein Schiff 1 cruise ship, while its sister ship Mein Schiff 6 replaced the Mein Schiff 2 in 2017.

The construction of the two new vessels was funded by a bank syndicate, including KfW IPEX-Bank, UniCredit, and an undisclosed European commercial bank.

Mein Schiff 5 design

Resembling her sister ships Mein Schiff 3 and Mein Schiff 4, the cruise ship measures approximately 295m in length and 35.8m at its widest point. It has a draught of 8m and weigh 99,500t.

Environmentally friendly features

The cruise ship was constructed using innovative and environmentally friendly technologies to meet the latest technological standards. It consumes approximately 30% less energy compared to cruise liners of a similar size.

The ship uses a combined exhaust gas cleaning system, integrating a scrubber and a catalytic converter, to reduce sulphur and nitrogen oxide emissions by approximately 99% and 75% respectively.

“The vessel can accommodate 2,534 guests in its double-bed configuration, in addition to approximately 1,000 crew members.”

Accommodation on Mein Schiff 5

Mein Schiff 5 features 15 passenger decks comprising 1,267 passenger cabins, of which 127 are inside, 97 are outside, 963 have a balcony, 64 are junior suites, and 16 are theme suites.

Two cabins are wheelchair-accessible, and deck 3 and deck 9 features four barrier-free cabins each.

The vessel can accommodate 2,534 guests in a double-bed configuration, in addition to approximately 1,000 crew members.

Suites and cabins on board Mein Schiff 5

The Theme suites situated on deck 10 are the largest on the ship, featuring a 54m² living space and a 15m² veranda.

The Diamond suites on deck six have an area of 47m² each in addition to a large outdoor area. The Junior suites on deck 10 provide 26m² of living space and an 8m² balcony.

Covering approximately 40m², The Sun & Sky suites on deck 14 feature 29m² roof terraces for sunbathing.

The Premium cabins on decks 7-11 offer a 30m² veranda and 17m² of living space. Deck six provides 25m² family cabins with 15m² balconies.

The Kombi Balcony cabins on deck 7 feature 9m² large balconies and 17m² living spaces. The spa balcony cabins, which provide a living space of approximately 17m² and a 5m² balcony, are located near the spa and sauna area on deck 11.

Cabins with 5m²-7m² large balconies are located on decks 6-11, while the 29m²-44m² family cabins are located on decks 7-9.

Offering a 17m² personal space, the spacious outside cabins are situated on decks 3 and 8, while the 17m² modern interior cabins of the cruise ship are situated on deck 3, and decks 6 to 11.

Mein Schiff 5 facilities

The cruise ship offers a high-quality theatre, an outdoor pool, a sauna, extensive sports areas, a kids club, a baby room, sundecks, indoor cycling areas, shopping arcades, conference rooms, a casino, and a hospital.

It also features 13 restaurants and bistros, 13 bars and lounges, as well as a bakery.

Mein Schiff 5 propulsion details

“Mein Schiff 5 replaced the Mein Schiff 1 cruise ship, while its sister ship, Mein Schiff 6, replaced the Mein Schiff 2 in 2017.”

Mein Schiff 5 is powered by a 28,000kW diesel-electric engine and propellers supplied by Rolls Royce. The vessel’s maximum speed is 21.7k.

Contractors involved with TUI Cruises’ new cruise ship

TTS Marine has been contracted to provide a total of 40 items, including shell doors, platforms, covers, elevators and gangways, as well as luggage and provision side loading systems for the vessel.

R&M carried out turnkey outfitting of the vessel’s provision area, the HVAC rooms, the crew mess room, the reception, and the X-lounge on deck 14.

The on-board casino was installed by Century Casinos, while Martin Audio equipped the vessel with its proprietary CDD Series audio system.