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Roundtable: how can cruise lines reduce their environmental impact?

A return to sailing will give cruise operators to make their operations greener and more sustainable. In this roundtable, we reach out to industry experts to ask their opinion on what cruise lines can do to reduce their environmental impact.

The challenge of integrating automation on ships

For shipowners increasingly looking into the potential of automation in shipping, integrating new solutions with existing vessel hardware can be a struggle. We find out more from Høglund Marine Solutions president Børge Nogva.

Q&A: memoirs of a cruise ship entertainer with Sam Catling

Former cruise ship entertainment host Sam Catling has published a book of memoirs about his experience at sea titled ‘Seems like Smooth Sailing’. We sat down with him to discuss his cruising days and his take on the way the sector has been handling the coronavirus health crisis.

Q&A: using real-time data to cut emissions with ZeroNorth

Earlier this year Maersk Tankers launched a spin-off technology company called ZeroNorth, which uses real-time data to provide insights on a vessel’s performance optimisation and help it save fuel and reduce emissions. We caught up with CEO Søren Meyer to find out more.

Debate: should shipping be regulated regionally or globally?

Several industry stakeholders at 2020’s virtual Global Maritime Forum claimed that greater regional regulation of the shipping industry would help speed up its decarbonisation process. But is taking power away from international regulators such as the International Maritime Organization really the answer? Ilaria Grasso Macola and Adele Berti explore both sides of the debate.

What will Joe Biden’s election mean for shipping?

As the start of a new era in US politics hoves into view, here is a look at how the next President of the United States could impact the maritime industry.

The return of Swan Hellenic

Amid a global pandemic, 70-year-old expedition cruise company Swan Hellenic is braving a return to the seas. With a ship due to set sail in November 2021 and another one in April 2022, we asked the company how it’s preparing for its comeback and whether the ongoing Covid-19 crisis could stand in its way.

Brexit and fishing: how issues over Channel rights could affect UK ports

As the Brexit deadline approaches, the UK and the EU are still stuck in a stalemate over the issue of fishing rights in the English Channel. With the two sides yet to find an agreement, what makes fishing so important, and how could the outcome of negotiations affect British ports?

How to speed up shipping: a look at the IMO’s ‘Just In Time’ Arrival Guide

The International Maritime Organization’s Global Industry Alliance to Support Low Carbon Shipping has published its new Just In Time Arrival Guide – Barriers and Potential Solutions, which provides recommendations on how to speed up and optimise the port call process. We find out how improving the procedure could lead to reduced carbon emissions and costs, as well as enhanced safety and operations.

Handling dangerous goods in the wake of the Beirut explosion

The blast that killed hundreds of people in the Lebanese port of Beirut earlier in August has left many wondering what could have been done to prevent the tragedy. We find out whether current regulations go far enough and what the shipping industry needs to do to ensure dangerous goods are handled safely.