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Frankie Youd is the Senior Reporter for Just Auto. She has a background in Journalism with a BA Hons degree from The University of Sussex.

Sensing safety: Papua New Guinea’s new coastal safety technology

To improve safe vessel navigation in Papua New Guinea waters, Vissim have upgraded coastal monitoring and surveillance systems.

New wearable maritime solutions with Arrow Labs

AI technology company Arrow Labs has created wearable software as a service solution for the maritime industry to improve safety and security.

Tanker transporting Russian oil diverted from Welsh port

A tanker transporting Russian oil has undergone multiple course changes due to confusion over sanctions which are currently in place.

Harnessing the power of the wind: the future of cargo power?

As the industry switches to sustainable, alternative fuels, Airseas has turned to the power of the wind.

Crewless cargo: the world’s first autonomous electric cargo ship 

The world’s first fully electric, completely autonomous cargo ship has successfully completed its maiden voyage.

A greener shipping solution: the power of electrofuel

Electrofuel company Infinium has introduced a new solution to assist the shipping industry on its journey to mitigating its environmental impact.

New safety legislation for UK seafarers

New legislation has come into place for UK seafarers, tightening safety for those working in enclosed spaces on board vessels.

Xploring in the north: a new environmentally friendly ship

Northern Xplorer has recently revealed a new, environmentally friendly cruise ship design.

Shipshape hulls: New robotic cleaning technology

Keeping a ship hull clean offers many benefits for the overall running and the environment. Shipshave has a new robotic solution.

Fighting fuel fraud with AI: Solutions from FuelTrust

Start-up company FuelTrust has been using blockchain and AI technology to assist the industry when it comes to tracing the source point of marine fuels. The technology is hoped to not only assist the industry with fraud concerns but also decarbonisation issues. We speak to FuelTrust co-founder Darren Shelton, to discuss how this technology works.