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Is technology making ships too complex?

Maritime safety company Propel suggests that human failure is still top of the agenda when it comes to improving safety. However, in an age where ships are becoming more complex, is technology partly to blame?

UK pirate radio: 50 years on from the Marine Broadcasting Offences Act

It captured the imagination of a generation and had audiences in the millions – yes, it is pirate radio. Such was its popularity the UK Government rolled out new maritime legislation to shut it down, now 50 years on from the 1967 Marine Broadcasting Offences Act, while it has lost some of its allure, it still lives on.

A decade to autonomous cargo ships?

MacGregor and Rolls-Royce recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to explore the impact of developments in autonomy for cargo ship navigation and cargo systems onboard container ships. Signing the MoU, Rolls-Royce director of digital and systems Asbjørn Skaro said that he believed “a remote-controlled ship will be in commercial use by the end of the decade and a common sight on the high seas by 2030.” Can he be right? Frances Marcellin reports.

Using 3D modelling for maritime heritage

A team from Auckland, New Zealand has embarked on a mission to create a 3D digital model of the Edwin Fox, one of the oldest ships in the world. For them, it represents a chance to retell the story of vessels from a bygone era. It is not, however, a first of its kind.

A day, and week, for seafarers to take centre stage

This week is Seafarers Awareness Week. Starting on the 24th June and concluding on Friday 30th, it runs alongside the IMO’s annual international Day of the Seafarer and represents a chance to promote the individuals who are the bedrock of the maritime sector.

Taking underwater communications into the 21st century

A NATO research organisation has created the first ever digital underwater communications standard. How will this – after almost a decade of development – change how people, and autonomous vehicles, communicate on the oceans?

What lies beneath: the ship that could revolutionise seaweed cultivation

Researchers and industry in Norway are designing the world’s largest seaweed cultivation vessel to meet growing demand for the multi-functional algae.

Sea blindness: UK maritime in the public eye

According to a poll by ComRes on behalf of the UK Chamber of Shipping, 84% of the UK public correctly identified shipping as the principal mode of transport for the country’s imports and exports. Does this show that ‘sea blindness’ is a myth?

Shipping losses: don’t forget the human story

The headline tells a story of progress: shipping losses have declined by 50% over the past decade. But, in the midst of that success, complacency is the danger.

Spanish port reforms: trouble ahead?

A controversial government plan to change the rules that govern Spanish ports has been approved by the country’s parliament. Is this the end of the road, or the beginning of yet more concern for Spain’s maritime sector?