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Sustainable ports of the future: Ship Technology Global Issue 75 is out now

In this issue: eco-friendly initiatives at ports, the role of shipping in Covid-19 vaccine distribution, the future of maritime careers and more.

Riding the green wave: Future Cruise Issue 15 is out now

In this issue: reducing cruises’ environmental impact, changing ticketing strategies, new uses for old cruise ships and more.

Finding the right blend: Ship Technology Global Issue 74 is out now

In this issue: assessing the quality of low-sulphur fuel blends, the future of shipping regulation, how US maritime could change under Joe Biden and more.

Throwing cruise worker a lifeline: the latest issue of Future Cruise is out now

In this issue: new health protocols for cruise workers, making kids clubs relevant, bringing cruise back to Greece and more.

Containing the threat: Ship Technology Global Issue 73 is out now

In the new and improved Ship Technology Global: handling dangerous goods at ports after the Beirut explosion, protecting seafarers’ mental health, tackling piracy in the Singapore Strait and more.

Staying connected: Ship Technology Global Issue 72 is out now

In this issue: the benefits of 5G for global shipping, Japan’s road to zero emissions, autonomous security vessels in ports and more.

Beyond the horizon: Future Cruise Issue 13 is out now

In this issue: telehealth on cruises, five ways the passenger experience will change post-Covid-19, the best cruise ship interiors and more.

When ships collide: Ship Technology Global Issue 71 is out now

In this issue: preventing collisions at sea, applications for nanotechnology in shipping, maritime’s contribution to Covid-19 relief efforts and more.

An industry in lockdown: Future Cruise Issue 12 is out now

In this issue: the impact of coronavirus on the cruise industry, keeping passengers engaged through virtual reality, life onboard ships docked at sea and in ports, and more.

Covid-19: Ship Technology Global Issue 70 is out now

In this issue: we analyse the impact of coronavirus on global shipping, explore the cost of decarbonisation and find out about the latest technology for tracking illegal shipping activities.