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Shipping piracy report – May 2013

While the shipping industry celebrates a year without a successful hijacking off the coast of Somalia, events off Western Africa and a potential link with terrorism have triggered concern. In partnership with OceanusLive, covers the latest incidences and the international response to piracy.

London Gateway heralds UK port renaissance

With political wrangling preventing serious discussion on the UK’s lack of hub airports, the country’s ports are stepping to the plate. DP World’s London Gateway, due to open later this year, could be just a taste of what’s to come.

Shipping piracy report – April 2013

Anti-piracy operations in South East Asia are being ramped up in the wake of increased pirate activity and the death of up to 32 fishermen off the coast of Bangladesh. In partnership with OceanusLive, covers the latest incidences and the international response to piracy.

Electrically-efficient biofuels: the benefits and drawbacks

Despite biofuels promising to be more environmentally-friendly, critics have condemned their efficiency, labelling the technology too immature to be relied upon. By bypassing photosynthesis and using electricity, electrofuels could provide the requisite maturity.

Positional assistance for ships – eLoran rolls out over the English Channel

With GPS signals occasionally choppy at sea and jammers used for illicit means, shipping companies have sought positional assistance in shipping straits. Through the world’s first deployment of eLoran, the English Channel may have solved this crisis.

Shipping piracy report – August 2012

New patrol boats inaugurated in Nigeria, and ten Somali pirates are tried in Hamburg, while pirate activity remains low. reports on incidents of piracy across the globe, covering the latest incidences and the international response to piracy in August 2012.

The world’s largest cruise ships

The cruise industry has proven itself to be incredibly lucrative, with weeks at sea a favoured holiday destination. As cruise operators pack people aboard, the largest cruise ships are often the most popular. lists the world’s largest.

EU takes offensive to Somali pirates with land-based attack

The European Union’s Naval Force has launched its first ever land-based raid on Somali pirate assets, destroying speedboats and ammunition and fuel stores in an attempt to prevent further acts of piracy.