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Marine Construction and Shipping Services

We are one of the oldest companies in the marine infrastructure and marine service sector in Sweden.

For the last 60 years, we have performed works of all sizes and have been a service partner to the shipping, shipbuilding, municipalities, power, and processing industries.

The ownership structure has shifted over the years, and today we are included in the Marcon group. The group has its headquarters in Angelholm and the companies under its wings are Svensk Sjöentreprenad (SSE), Stockholms Vattenentreprenader AB (SVENTAB), Marcon Teknik, Dykab, and Tungdykargruppen.

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It’s only natural that a lot of people see us as divers. SSE SVENTAB began business in 1969 as a diving company, and it’s very much due to our diving expertise that we have built up such a good reputation.

Diving will always be part of our core business and we also provide competence and resources within marine construction and supply. This includes towing, salvage, diving inspections (in-water surveys), hull and propeller cleaning, dredging and environmental consulting services.

With a sufficient range of equipment for ships, diving boats, barges, flat top barges, rafts, diggers and cranes, SSE can, with our experienced staff, offer any kind of marine construction and shipping services. Our ambition is to be available anytime of the year, 24 hours a day.

Shipping inspections, repair work and planned maintenance

SSE performs inspections, repair work, and planned maintenance. We are certified by all the major classification societies to perform in-water surveys (IWS). We offer our clients a unique 24-hour emergency service all year around.

Services include anode replacement, IWS, propeller replacement, propeller polishing, propeller shaft seal, and plugging of overboard valves. Together with Hullwiper, we also offer hull cleaning.

Environmental consultancy services for the shipping industry

Lakes, rivers, and oceans are environmentally sensitive areas. The environment plays a central role in everything we do. Our experts offer specialist competence in a great variety of environmental issues.

The practical field work we offer includes sediment testing, turbidity measurements, marine biological tests and diving, and more. Working close together allows us to come up with solutions that are not only in line with the environment, but are also practical and cost-efficient for our clients.

Shipping fleet, machinery and equipment for marine infrastructure projects

SSE has its own major resources for the implementation of large and small marine infrastructure projects. Our fleet of ships includes tugs, icebreakers, working vessels and many smaller boats and barges of various kinds. Our machinery is designed and built to cope with even the most challenging infrastructure projects. Please contact us if there is any particular equipment you are interested in.


  • Ohio Product Tanker

    Ohio product tanker is the first of four new Jones Act product tankers built by Aker Philadelphia Shipyard (APSI), a wholly owned US subsidiary of Aker Philadelphia Shipyard, for Florida-based shipping company Crowley Maritime.

  • Tasik Toba Subsea Operation Vessel

    Tasik Toba is a subsea operation vessel (SOV) being built by Mawei Shipbuilding Company at Fujian Mawei Shipyard on Culu Island in China, for Singapore-based SOV developer Tasik Subsea.

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