Nanotechnology-enabled coatings are the biggest industrial revolution of the past 20 years, yet most people are unaware of its powers. Its ability to keep surfaces looking like new for longer, its easy / self-cleaning properties and green credentials are now becoming better known.

The exciting news for both big and small boat owners is that a nanotechnology-enabled protective coating is now available and marketed under the Nanoman brand. We all know gel-coat and paint when exposed to UV will suffer from oxidation (fading). This is an industry-wide problem for boat owners, boat builders and boat operators as well as the commercial sector. And keeping a boat or vessel in top notch shape and not letting dirt, grime and salt take hold is a time-consuming and expensive task often accompanied by the use of harsh cleaners and eco-unfriendly chemicals.

Nanoman Boat and Gel-coat polish is the 21st-century solution to these problems.

Using the latest in nanotechnology science, Nanoman cannot be compared to any other traditional boat polishes and wax products on the market and has to be placed in its own category. Much more than a wax or sealant, Nanoman is free of Teflon and silicone and contains anti-static properties. It is a unique polish that creates a perfectly smooth surface that actually bonds at a molecular level with the gel-coat or paint, forming an extremely durable protective barrier. The nanoparticles completely fill microscopic gaps and crevices then self-level to create an ultra smooth surface, which greatly reduces the ability of dirt, dust, water and other pollutants to stick to it. In fact, water readily pearls off the surface taking dirt and other pollutants with it. Once Nanoman has been applied, a boat will require considerably less cleaning, which can be easily done with just water and a soft (micro fibre) cloth, without the need for any chemical cleaning products.

Lasting at least 12 months, much longer than other boat polishes and waxes on the market, Nanoman is the ultimate boat polish.

The benefits of a nanotechnology-enabled Boat / Gel-coat polish as compared with traditional old technology coatings are obvious and include:

• Long-lasting 12 to 18 months sealing and protection against weather stains, water,
dirt, salt, grease, and debris
• Polishes and Seals in the same working process. Quick and easy to apply. All in one
• Provides easy-to-clean properties (little cleaning is necessary due to protective layer, dirt can be easily removed with a wet cloth or wash down)
• High level of UV protection, which prevents discolouration and oxidation from occurring
• Enhances and protects high gloss finishes
• Lower maintenance costs due to enhanced and less frequent cleaning
• Saves time and money on cleaning chemicals and detergent products
• Enhances the resale value of your investment

Nanoman Boat and Gel-coat polish is available to consumer users in 100ml and 250ml retail packaging and to commercial trade users in larger drum sizes.