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Deck and Marine Cranes

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Bergen Group Dreggen’s deck cranes are designed for trouble-free operation in a hostile marine environment. To the offshore industry we deliver hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, pneumatic and electric-operated BOP handling cranes; Christmas tree handling cranes; and deck cranes for use in explosive areas of an installation. To the marine industry we deliver engine room cranes, provision handling cranes, monorail provision handling cranes, service cranes and hose handling cranes.

The lifting capacities of the cranes range from 500kg-400,000kg, and all parts are designed and manufactured according to our customers’ needs and requirements.

Standard features of our deck cranes

Our cranes’ load moment ranges from 15Tm-3,000Tm. Their winch capacity is 1t-200t, and they have a grooved winch drum for a maximum three layers of wire.

They posses surface protection suitable for the marine environment, stainless-steel piping, shafts and chromatic fittings, and stepless control directly for the main valve is located on a platform above the slewing ring.

The limit switch is in the top / bottom position of the hook. A built-in power pack, with a motor located in the pedestal, drives the pump in the crane house through akardang shaft. The crane house is used as an oil tank. The design temperature is as per class rules for worldwide service.

Other optional features include:

  • Constant tensioning system
  • Manual overload protection system (MOPS)
  • Automatic overload protection system (AOPS)
  • Subsea operation
  • Radio or cabin operation
  • Diesel-driven power pack
  • LEBUS grooved winch drum
  • Operation in low temperature
  • Stainless-steel fittings
  • PLC safety system

Dreggen marine cranes

We supply a complete range of cranes and lifting equipment for vessels’ needs. Our marine deck crane range includes cranes for several duties, such as:

  • Hose handling cranes
  • Provision handling cranes
  • Cargo cranes
  • Grab handling cranes
  • Gantry travelling slewing cranes
  • Combined lifesaving and provision handling cranes

The type of crane depends on the customers need. We can deliver both fixed jibs and telescopic jibs, as well as knuckle-boom jibs.

Hose handling cranes

Our hose handling cranes are equipped with a two-speed winch, with hoisting speeds of 10m/min at full load and 20m/min at no load. There will not be any impact on the power consumption at either speed.

Monorail cranes

Minimising time at harbour is vital. Bergen Group Dreggen produces a simple and time-efficient monorail provision crane that provides fast and reliable handling of spares and provision.

Three sets of wheels ensure a safe and steady operation of the crane and allow it to travel outside the fixed beam on both sides of the vessel. Standard capacity for these cranes is up to 12t.

Engine room cranes

For handling of provision and machinery parts below deck level and to do service on the main engine, Bergen Group Dreggen delivers engine room and service cranes. The most typical engine room crane is an electrical operated type with electrical chain hoist.

Gantry travelling slewing crane

Our gantry travelling slewing crane’s span, between the legs of the gantry, is up to 15m, the height of the complete crane up to 17m and total weight almost 100t.

The crane facilitates repairs and maintenance of the dredging equipment and for handling of heavy weights up to 25t. The outreach of the crane is up to 25m and this is sufficient for draghead replacing. The crane will travel along the vessel at a step less speed from 0m/min-10m/min at ships list / trim of 5° / 2°, with full speed in maximum wind speed of 20m/s.

Combined lifesaving and provision handling cranes

Bergen Group Dreggen has developed cranes that have the equipment for safe operation of rescue boats, life rafts, or free-fall lifeboats. There are two cranes involved in the concept; one for operations of rescue boats and life rafts, and one for operation of free-fall lifeboats in icy water.

The concept means that you are able to be more economical because you do not need two specific cranes for handling the provision and two for handling of lifesaving equipment.

In close cooperation with Germanicher Lloyd Dreggen has developed a new range of cranes with features that enable the cranes to be operated at dead ship and within the time given by the SOLAS regulation. The lowering is performed hydraulically by gravity, the hoisting by a speed machine developed by Dreggen, and slewing of the cranes with stored power accepting necessary operation towards 20° of heel.

Fjord Line’s MS Stavangerfjord Cruise Ferry

Fjord Line's MS Stavangerfjord, the first of the two new cruise ferries ordered to Bergen Group, was commissioned in June 2013. Construction works on MS Stavangerfjord began in October 2010. The vessel completed its maiden voyage in July 2013. The second cruise ferry MS Bergensfjord will be commissioned a few months later.

Antarctic Supply Research Vessel

Antarctic Supply Research Vessel (ASRV), a new state-of-the-art research vessel with icebreaking capabilities, is being built for the Australian government, by DMS Maritime, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Serco Australia.

Seasight Sightseeing Ferry

Seasight is a new sightseeing catamaran ferry that will operate on Nærøyfjord, a famous Norwegian fjord listed on the UNESCO world heritage list.

Tasik Toba Subsea Operation Vessel

Tasik Toba is a subsea operation vessel (SOV) being built by Mawei Shipbuilding Company at Fujian Mawei Shipyard on Culu Island in China, for Singapore-based SOV developer Tasik Subsea.

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