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Marine Technic

Marine Spare Parts and Technical Equipment for Vessels and Oil Rigs

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Marine Technic

Since 1978 Marine Technic has been a major and reliable supplier of marine spare parts, technical equipment and other marine and offshore equipment for vessels all over the world.

We know the importance of correct and fast delivery and over the years have built up very good relations with our suppliers, thus always ensuring you the best possible prices and the opportunity to order from different makers at one place.

OEM or alternative marine spare parts for vessels and oil rigs

It is essential for you as a ship owner that all relevant marine spare parts for your technical installations can be supplied quickly, correctly, in good quality and from as few suppliers as possible. Through our global network and extensive knowledge, Marine Technic offers original, OEM or alternative parts for most technical installations on-board your ships.

Marine Technic has, since 1978, co-operated with companies all over the world – especially in Europe, Japan, Korea and China – and can therefore provide you with professional and reliable support when you are in need of parts for vessels and oil rigs.

Part cleaners for engine parts and machinery

The machinery part cleaner from Marine Technic is specially designed and developed for maritime use. The machines are able to accommodate and clean most common auxiliary engine spare parts, filters, pump parts, tools, cylinder covers, etc.

Oil filter systems

Our oil filtration systems are specially designed for by-pass filtration and will remove more than 99% of all solid particle contamination in one pass. Particles as small as 2µm are removed from the oil, and at the same time, both free and entrained water is removed by absorption.

Marine pumps and diaphragm pumps

Marine Technic has the right marine pumps and diaphragm pumps for any application. We supply new pumps as well as spare parts from many different makers, including Iron, IMO, Allweiler, Desmi, Myhrwold & Rasmussen, Grundfos, Gabarino, Netsch, Wilden, All-flo, Aro and Sandpiper.

Anti-slip safety covers

Our anti-slip safety covers can be used on all types of ships and oil rigs for steps, walkways, decks and ladder rungs. Hi-traction covers provide slip prevention in the most wet and hazardous conditions on the sea and in port.

Oil spill equipment

We supply a large range of high-quality oil spill products, such as booms, pads, pumps and complete oil spill kits. They can be supplied either as standard kits, or as tailor-made equipment according to your specifications.

Oil test equipment

Marine Technic’s range of oil test equipment consists of products from well-known manufacturers in the industry; we will only support, service and market the finest products available. Each new possible addition will undergo a stringent evaluation. Our ongoing endeavour for improvement guarantees Marine Technic’s market position as a reliable supplier of genuine high-end equipment.

Examples of oil test equipment we can supply include equipment for density tests, water tests, nature-of-water tests, TBN tests, acidity tests, compatibility / stability tests, viscosity tests, bacterial infection tests, easy cult tests and bunker calculation. We also provide tailor-made test kits and equipment for portable instrumentation laboratories (Port A Labs), as well as samplers.

Ultrasonic cleaners

Ultrasonic cleaners are used widely throughout industry for removing problem contamination from all forms of hard surfaces. Its unique properties can be harnessed to clean items of all shapes, sizes and technical complexity, penetrating holes and cavities that are impossible to reach using ordinary cleaning methods.

Marine Technic is committed to the pursuit of supplying the highest-quality ultrasonic cleaners available to the industry.

Marine Technic is the right contact whether your demand is for a small simple item or the most complex system. We are able to offer you the optimum technical and economical solution. The staff of Marine Technic are always ready to render the most professional and trustworthy service whenever and wherever you are in need of any kind of offshore supply.

Seawater strainers

Marine Technic offers a comprehensive range of seawater strainers.


The AlcoMate Prestige (Model AL6000) offers the latest in cutting-edge breath alcohol sensing technology as well as powerful and convenient features. The Prestige is used by law enforcement, clinicians, professionals and pro-sumers looking for integration with a rigorous, high-volume alcohol monitoring program. Patent-pending pre-calibrated modules eliminate the need for re-calibration.

Marine Technic Part Cleaners

Machinery part cleaners from Marine Technic are specially designed and developed for maritime use, and are able to accommodate and clean the most comment auxiliary engine spare parts, filters, pump parts, tools and cylinder covers.

AlcoMate Prestige Alcohol Tester

The most accurate breathalyser on the market, the AlcoMate Prestige, features the latest technology and will never need a calibration service as you can simply change the sensor module and in seconds your unit is like new again.

Ultrasonic Cleaners

Marine Technic's ultrasonic cleaners are used widely throughout the marine and ship industry for removing problem contamination from all forms of hard surfaces.

Diaphragm Pumps

Our supplier is committed to the pursuit of designing and manufacturing the highest quality product available to the ship and marine industry.

Tank Washing Machines

Marine Technic is the exclusive agent in Denmark, Sweden and Finland for Victor Marine who are specialists in the design and manufacture of tank washing machines, gas freeing fans, oily water separators and sewage treatment plants, all products that are offered by Marine Technic.

Technical Ship Supply

Since 1978 Marine Technic has been a supplier of spare parts, repairs, technical equipment and other products for vessels and oil rigs all over the world

Kizuna Subsea Cable-Laying Vessel

Kizuna is a new subsea cable-laying vessel under construction at Kanrei shipyard in Tokushima, Japan, for NTT Finance Corporation. The new vessel will be deployed in cable-laying missions in Japanese waters.

The New Marine Technic Machinery Part Cleaner

Since 1978 Marine Technic has been a major and reliable supplier of spare parts, repairs and technical equipment needed offshore for vessels and oil rigs all over the world. Marine Technic is able to provide a machinery part cleaner specially designed and developed for marine use. The p

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