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Full Shipbuilding Project Management Services

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Marine Service GmbH is a ship engineering and advisory company providing a complete package of project-related services to the maritime industry. Based on in-house knowledge of all technical, commercial and legal matters gained in over 50 years of deliveries for various international clients, we provide you with tailor-made state-of-the-art solutions for even the most sophisticated projects.

Marine craft project management, planning and construction

Our consultancy comprises advisory, feasibility studies and transportation studies, design, plan approval and building supervision for LNG, LEG and LPG carriers, chemical, product and crude oil tankers, molten sulphur and asphalt carriers, dredgers, bulkers, container vessels and a wide range of other marine craft including offshore vessels.

Technical, commercial and legal expertise for ship owners, charterers and shipyards

The complexity of transportation projects in the maritime sector requires comprehensive knowledge of all technical, commercial and legal aspects of the various trades to find optimised solutions.

Marine Service provides competent solutions for ship owners, charterers, shipyards and manufacturers of key components. The company analyses the specific requirements of the individual transportation project for container, dry bulk, liquid and gas cargo.

Marine Service's involvement in energy carrier projects helps ensure these ships' reliability, which is critical as they are part of a floating pipeline.
Successful cargo transportation is the synthesis of commercial, technical and legal solutions.
Loading and unloading processes are essential in the economics of transportation; the company provides comprehensive layouts for terminals.
Marine Service provides assistance in the drafting of contracts for natural gas, which will play a more important role as a clean and economic energy resource.
Third-party ships' operation in the gas and chemical sector requires experience and a successful track-record.

Cargo handling, tank and propulsion systems for LNG and LPG carriers

Since 1960, Marine Service has been involved in the design, construction and project management of LNG and LPG carriers. Cargo handling systems, tank systems and propulsion systems have been developed and permanently modernised to meet the demanding requirements of its customers.

Drafting of sales and purchase contracts for natural gas

Commercial and legal assistance in the drafting of sales and purchase contracts for gas, in shipbuilding and charter contracts of vessels and terminal operation documentation have helped Marine Services worldwide clientele to successfully perform their projects. Today natural gas is being developed into environmental fuel for non-gas transporting vessels.

Cargo-handling terminal and ship-shore interface design

All maritime projects require not only ship-bound solutions, but also the handling of cargo at loading and unloading terminals. Marine Service provides customised designs for ship-shore interfaces in the LNG / LPG sector as well as comprehensive layouts for bulk and container terminals.

Performing in-depth feasibility studies, we have established optimised solutions for transportation chains, shipyard projects and the upcoming offshore wind energy sector.

LNG, LEG, LPG and chemicals marine transportation

The transportation of LNG, LEG, LPG and chemicals requires specialized expertise, sophisticated vetting by the charterers and comprehensive experience. The ship management company Chemikalien Seetransport (CST), an affiliate of Marine Service, has provided this service for 40 years for vessels of the Marine Service Group and third parties. Ships operated by CST have proven successful for years.

In a specialised trade, it pays to work with experienced partners like Marine Service.


  • Viking Sea Cruise Ship

    Viking Sea is the second ship of the Viking Star-class of cruise ships operated by Viking Ocean Cruises.

  • CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin Container Ship

    Benjamin Franklin is the third in the series of Explorer-class container ships built by Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding (SWS), a wholly owned subsidiary of China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC), for CMA CGM, the world's third biggest container company.

Marine Service GmbH
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