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Shipbuilding Design and Consultancy Services

NASDIS Consulting SRL (NASDIS) provides naval architecture, ship design and information structure services for vessels such as passenger ferries, mega-yachts, and commercial and offshore ships.

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NASDIS Consulting SRL (NASDIS) provides naval architecture, ship design and information structure services for vessels such as passenger ferries, mega-yachts, and commercial and offshore ships.

Consultancy services for the maritime industry

NASDIS is a modern and dynamic ship design and naval support company, combining experience with 21st century skills. The company’s flexible, multi-discipline design structure enables it to cover functional, basic, class and detail design stages, as well as provide production information and ‘as built’ documentation.

Organised on a project basis, NASDIS is active in shipbuilding / marine and offshore engineering for a range of disciplines, including hull / steel, outfitting, and electronics services. Ship design and engineering is provided to clients either on-site or in the company’s office, using the software platform of their choice or adapting the outputs (for example, drawings, lists, or calculations) to their needs.

NASDIS Consulting SRL (NASDIS) provides ship design and consultancy services for naval architecture projects.
The company has provided services commercial and offshore vessels, passenger ferries and mega-yachts.
NASDIS's experienced specialists can also provide technical assistance and IT solutions to ease the design process.
The company's staff are trained in software including Autocad, Plantspace, AvevaMarine / plant design management systems (PDMS), Tribon, and Nupas / Cadmatic.
Depending on customer requirements, NASDIS produces complete 3D model designs or model segments.
For shipyards and shipowners, NASDIS is on hand to provide management, technical assistance and consultancy for early project stages.
Other services for shipowners include budgeting and bid reviews, as well as assessment production and consultancy for shipyards.
NASDIS provides its services in-house or on-site, and can adapt to the client's software platform requirements.
NASDIS is a modern and dynamic ship design and naval support company that provides a flexible, multi-discipline design structure.

NASDIS offers full-package design, management support and consultancy services at all levels. The company also develops IT solutions to make life easier for its customers through the design and production stages.

Advisory services for shipyards and shipowners

The company offers services for shipyards, shipowners and other customers. These include design implementation; management, technical assistance and consultancy for early project stages; assessment and production consultancy oriented to design customisation and support procedures in shipyards; and budgeting and bids reviews for ship-owners.

Consultancy and technical assistance with marine documentation

NASDIS provides assistance to customers and classification societies during the documentation approval process, as well as helps clients to choose the right suppliers.

The company also supplies consultancy and assistance for various activities, including research and development studies, hydrodynamic calculations and towing tank tests, stability studies and calculations, structural analysis, project evaluations and sea trials.

NASDIS offers IT assistance for the management, configuration and customisation of integrated computer-aided design (CAD) systems for ship design. The company’s specialists are experienced in providing technical assistance services worldwide.

Shipbuilding project management

Each NASDIS project has an assigned project manager who, depending on the disciplines involved, is supported by team leaders (lead engineers) for each discipline.

E-mail and web-based applications are available to provide fast and efficient communication between personnel, including the project manager, team leaders, and, depending on the issue, the director, who has the final responsibility as the project sponsor.

The design progress is monitored via a monthly / weekly progress reporting system, which uses software tools to support scheduling, planning and capacity allocations.

Computer-aided design and manufacturing systems

NASDIS personnel are trained in software packages, including AvevaMarine / plant design management systems (PDMS), Tribon, Autocad, Nupas / Cadmatic, and Plantspace.

The company is experienced in using a variety of tools to manage major projects shared between multiple players, and emphasis is always placed on improving interface management procedures. NASDIS also produces complete 3D models or just model segments, depending on the clients’ requirements.

The company delivers netcat (NC) output for different cutting machines / shipyards, whereby the cutting files are customised according to the ESSI standard code. NASDIS has also produced and implemented software interfaces between design systems and production-acquisition systems.


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