senesco marine shapyard invest in pemamek

Located on the northeast coast of the USA, Senesco Marine Shipyard decided to invest in a more productive and efficient welding system.

Senesco has concluded a deal with Pemamek to deliver a PEMA® Welding Portal for the welding of double bottoms and subassemblies.

Senesco Marine, a Reinauer Transportation Company, has quickly made a name for itself as the premier shipyard for new construction and vessel repair in the Northeast. Consisting of 26 acres of Narragansett Bay waterfront property, Senesco Marine has created a small, but highly efficient shipyard, capable of producing a vast array of vessels for their customers’ needs.

To boost their fabrication even more, Senesco have made use of PEMA’s hi-tech welding automation technology.

"The next step for Senesco Marine is to produce not only quality built vessels, but at an increased pace to meet the needs of our customers. We currently are in a continuing build program for our current customers, and at the same time are looking at new work for potential new customers.

"To be able to do this we are making the investment with PEMA to increase the throughput, thus reducing the timeframe required to complete these vessels, which leaves room for even more opportunities.

"We are excited about this step of automation for the shipyard, and are looking forward to the relationship with PEMA, as we endeavor to build quality built vessels on time for our customers," commented Mr. Michael J. Foster, Vice President and General Manager of Senesco.

Welding of double bottom structures takes plenty of hours; the work is dirty and very tough for welders. To make the job more productive and ergonomic for welders, the answer was automated welding.

PEMA offered the solution: the PEMA WeldControl 200 Vision in Welding Portal. PEMA WeldControl Vision system is a user-friendly programming method for automated welding of subassemblies and open block structures. With two Yaskawa robots and Lincoln Electric Power Wave power sources, the integration of all welding systems is made perfect in PEMA Welding Portal.