Teekay LNG Partners LP signed a full fleet partnership with Nautilus Labs to enhance the efficiency of its gas vessels.

Nautilus Labs’ platform unifies all fleet data and leverages machine learning to optimise vessel performance.

Teekay LNG and Nautilus Labs began their partnership in February 2018 with a five-ship pilot. Just nine months later, the Glasgow-based shipping company agreed to roll out the software platform to its entire fleet, making them Nautilus’ largest client globally.

Teekay aims to reduce operational costs and act on predictive decision support by leveraging Nautilus Platform. The software solution unifies the company’s various data sets and different systems to give a detailed analysis of fleet performance in real-time and to enhance collaboration across its organization.

In addition, Teekay plans to leverage Nautilus’ technology to provide even higher service levels to its valued clients. The companies are closely partnering on the product development front, helping the technology disruptor build software that fulfils other business needs.

“Nautilus ties together a number of our performance monitoring systems, providing real-time insights and visibility into the impact of vessel operations and voyage management decisions, so that we can continuously optimise our fleet,” says Mark Endall, fleet performance superintendent at Teekay.

Nautilus uses high-frequency data to build machine learning models that support shoreside and on-ship decision-making. On working with the New York-based start-up, David McRoberts, Teekay LNG’s director of business development, marine and technical said: “It’s great to partner with a forward-thinking tech company like Nautilus Labs. We’re excited to continue working with the Nautilus team to bring advanced fleet solutions to LNG operations.”