Registration has been opened for the first Navis Carrier and Vessel Solutions (NCVS) Customer Conference APAC in Singapore.

The one-day customer and user event will be held 4 September 2019, at the Novotel Clarke Quay Hotel in Singapore. Attendees can expect workshops, breakout sessions and collaborative discussions on digitalisation, practical use cases and innovative NCVS solutions currently being offered for day-to-day operations and connectivity within the shipping ecosystem.

To charter the next generations of its maritime software solutions such as the industry-standard for loading computers, MACS3, the vessel performance and compliance software, Bluetracker, and stowage planning solution, StowMan, Navis is championing Cloud technologies and demonstrating new ways to tap into underutilised data to drive more holistic planning and safe execution of ship and cargo operations. The conference will host more than 15 panellists and speakers, including experts from Navis, XVELA, customers and business leaders to talk about product roadmaps and current projects underway.

Navis will welcome the futurist and author K D Adamson who will share her energy and expertise in her keynote speech ‘Back to the Future’. An inspirational presenter, she offers a visionary perspective on the impact of global megatrends, emerging technologies and new generational mindsets and how they will radically transform the shipping industry in the years ahead. In her speech, K D will nail down strategic global economic, business and technology context for the rapid changes ship operators are experiencing and inspire to new digital visions and transformations.

“Globalisation 4.0 will reframe shipping’s operating environment and growth depends on identifying the key paradigm shifts underway,” explains K D Adamson. “As the new ‘Asian Century’ dawns its past still has valuable lessons to offer us. Strength will lie in agility, ecosystem thinking, and the ability not only to embrace radical new technologies but to supercharge existing ones to create the interoperable logistics infrastructure of tomorrow.”

“We are very excited to discuss global strategic views of the maritime industry, as well as Navis-specific product and technology initiatives with our Asia-based customers,” said Selke Eichler, director global services at Navis’ Carrier and Vessel Solutions unit. “As an established vendor of maritime software in Asia under the well-known brand name Seacos, we are pioneering new and innovative technologies to unlock greater potential for process optimisations, improved safety and greater productivity for our customers.”

Sessions for the conference are organized in two tracks, Performance and Compliance. Sample sessions at the event include:

  • Trends in lashing: application of latest updates of cargo securing regulations
  • Accessibility and visibility: what is possible if loading instrument’s information are available where ever you need it
  • Strategies for effective tracking and reporting of regional and international environmental requirements
  • Cyber security, data ownership and information sharing at Navis
  • Strategies to utilise stowage planning facilities, in the cloud and on premise

Additionally, for the first time, Navis will give an outlook to potential use cases for ship owners and managers, ocean carriers and port authorities how to leverage vessel data with the help of API services for stability and strength, dangerous goods and lashing. This session is for current IT managers in the maritime industry.

“Along with shortened communication channels and streamlined processes, another advantage of new Navis technologies is the smooth integration in existing infrastructures“, says Henrik Alfke, director engineering at Navis Carrier and Vessel Solutions. “We answered to the trends of API services at an early stage and invested in providing this infrastructure to our customers for better service.”

Meet nautical and software experts at other users of Navis software at the customer conference to learn more about how to benefit from the application of new technologies.

For more information and to register for the conference please fill out the enquiry form on this page.