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Ship Insulation Services, Materials and Tools

Petkumer Str. 318,
26725 Emden Other,

Petkumer Str. 318,
26725 Emden Other,

German-based company Koester provides insulation materials and tools to shipping companies and boat owners nationally and internationally for all types of ships.

Standards and regulations in the field of maritime technical insulation are becoming ever more challenging. Increased awareness of environmental issues and a higher demand on the aesthetic design of insulation work also play an important role.

Our experienced and qualified personnel plus the latest products not only guarantee cost-effective insulation solutions but also quick and dependable installation.

Insulation pins and bolts

Welded on with a special welding device, the position and number of marine insulation pins are determined by the specifications stipulated in the fire, noise and heat insulation plan. Koester your specialist for ship insulation and fittings, has 5 welding devices available, always ready for operation.

With our welding devices, we can weld pins and bolts up to 12mm thick and 1,000mm long for any purpose on board. Our engineers also perform gas welding on aluminium alloy bolts.

MArine exhaust system insulation

One of our areas of expertise is installing insulation and sheet metal protection around exhaust pipes on all types of ships and boats.

Range of ship insulation services

Our range of ship inulation services includes:

  • Welding any type of insulation pins and bolts
  • Surface and pipe insulation against heat and cold, sound-proofing and fire protection
  • Supply and installation of any type of insulating materials including all necessary fittings and equipment
  • Measure, supply and install insulation mattresses and sheet metal cladding for all types of exhaust systems
  • Construction and installation of acoustic panels

Noise insulation for ships

Noise protection on all types of ships is becoming increasingly more important. We remedy noise problems by installing noise protection hoods directly at the source. If it is difficult to install hoods due to the shape of the source of noise (motor or engine) or the surrounding area (other components, pipes, electrical cabinets, etc.), it is still possible to absorb the noise through wall and ceiling insulation with perforated sheet metal panels.

Furthermore, it is also possible to reduce structure borne noise by gluing additional panels onto the steel partitions and floor surfaces. We can also install floating floors in high level decks.

Koester GmbH & Co Kg

Petkumer Str. 318

26725 Emden