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21433 Oregon Street , Sherwood, 97140-9808,Oregon, United States of America

21433 Oregon Street , Sherwood, 97140-9808,Oregon, United States of America

Allied Marine Crane, a division of Allied Systems Company (ASC), has been manufacturing cranes and davits at its facilities in Sherwood, Oregon, since 1978. Industries including defense, energy, petroleum and research have taken advantage of Allied Marine Crane’s unparalleled ability to deliver both off-the-shelf designs and customized, standards-compliant cranes and davits, built to the exacting standards of the industries.

Crane booms and davits

Crane boom types include telescopic booms, knuckle booms, and fixed double taper booms. These units are engineered to meet lifting capacity requirements up to 150,000lbs.

Davit models include a fully self-contained cradle style davits, articulated knuckle boom davits, and fixed boom davits, with the fixed and articulated boom style davits rated up to 10,000lbs. The cradle style davit is rated for 8,600lbs, 10,000lbs or 22,000lbs. These davits are manufactured for rescue boats and have the option of being SOLAS certified.

ASC provides several options on most cranes and davits that include, but are not limited to, different sizes and types of power packs, explosion-proof packages, hour meters for electric motors, wireless remote controls, stainless-steel piping and fittings, constant tension winches, stainless-steel boom cylinder stems, and operator cabs with accessories including heaters, A/C units and lumbar support seating.

Cranes can be manufactured and certified to ABS, Lloyds Registry and API 2C requirements. Davits can be built to comply with ABS, Lloyds Registry, and SOLAS requirements.

Telescopic boom crane (TB series)

The Allied Marine Crane TB series telescopic boom crane is available with two to four box boom sections. Extension and retraction is accomplished with internal double acting cylinders. All TB series cranes are assembled and tested to a minimum of 125% and up to 220% of the rated load prior to delivery.

Knuckle boom crane (K Series)

Our K series knuckle boom cranes are manufactured with a hinged box-section boom and contain one to two main lift cylinders. In order to save space, jib cylinders can be stowed horizontally. They can be optionally equipped with telescopic jib boom cylinders. These cranes are custom designed for applications requiring short radiuses, low overhead clearances, and other special applications. These units offer tremendous flexibility and precision in operation due to their state-of-the-art hydraulic and electronic systems.

Fixed double-taper boom crane (DT Series)

The DT series fixed double-taper boom crane offers a fixed-length, double-taper, sealed box boom construction for durability and toughness. These are cost-efficient, lightweight, durable cranes that require minimal maintenance. A DTH (hinged) model crane is also available and contains ‘pinned’ boom joints, allowing for easy storage and transportation. The ASC fixed-boom crane is a robust, cost-efficient, single-boom crane.

Fixed boom davit

Fixed boom davits come in standard capacities of 6,000lbs, 6,700lbs, and 10,000lbs and feature a quick-release hook, ASC-manufactured constant tension winch, anti-2-block and down-stop systems. These davits have the option of being SOLAS certified.

Articulated knuckle boom davit

Articulated knuckle boom davits come in standard capacities of 5,700lbs, 6,700lbs, 8,800lbs, and 10,000lbs. They also feature a quick-release hook, ASC-built CT winch, heavy-duty double acting hydraulic cylinders, anti-2-block and down stop systems.

Cradle-style davit

ASC’s cradle-style davits have standard lifting capabilities of 8,600lbs, 10,000lbs, and 22,000lbs. They also feature a quick-release hook, ASC-built CT winch, heavy-duty double acting hydraulic cylinders, anti-2-block and down stop systems. These units have the option of being SOLAS approved and certified.

Constant tension winch

Allied Marine Crane division has developed a proprietary constant tension winch design. Standard sizes include the CT7 (rated for 7,000lbs), CT10 (10,000lbs), and CT22 (22,000lbs). This advanced design uses the latest technologies in hydraulic and drive-train components, and delivers superior performance. Models approved for USCG SOLAS applications are available.

Allied Marine Crane Division Brochure

Allied Systems Company's Marine Crane Division designs and manufactures severe-duty hydraulic and electric pedestal cranes and boat davits.

Damen Crane Barge 6324

Damen Shipyards Group is building two identical transshipment barges, referred to as Damen Crane Barge 6324, that are designed to handle ship-to-ship, ship-to-barge or ship-to-quay transfers.

Great White – Class 250 Liftboat

Great White is a new Class 250 Liftboat built by SEMCO Marine Engineering and Construction for All Coast, which operates the biggest fleet of lift-boats in the US.

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