The differences between rope applications in harbours and international container handling are a world apart.

In almost no other industry are efficiency and reliability as significant as in the handling of container ships in the global handling centres located on every continent.

The berthing times of even the large container ships are measured in hours, and within this short time, up to 20,000 containers have to be unloaded and of course correctly assigned and transported away. Every standstill and every delay in the whole operation costs money.

This is where our CASAR high-performance ropes come into play, as they fulfil precisely these requirements, namely high reliability, operational safety, and a long lifetime.

Because the quality of our products is no secret in the harbour world, our CASAR stand was consistently well-attended, and during the many technical conversations, the rope specialists present were able to provide assistance and valuable advice.

So the TOC Rotterdam has once again presented itself as an important event for the entire industry related to container handling, and the products displayed by CASAR especially for these applications such as the improved TURBOPLAST, PARAPLAST, and SUPERPLAST 10 MIX were able to convince the discerning specialists