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drapilux air® – Breath of Fresh Air with Fabrics for Cruise Ships, Ferries, Hotels, etc.

drapilux air® – a new generation of textile fabrics for cruise ships, ferries, hotels …

Market Leadership Calls for Constant Innovation

Andreas Metzger, environmental and product analyst at TÜV Rheinland / Berlin Brandenburg, said: “It’s absolutely amazing that such an invention has not been launched before.”

drapilux air® offers completely new and long-lasting benefits which have been achieved as a result of a new, patented active agent and Schmitz-Werke’s initiative to integrate it into flame-resistant Trevira CS fabrics.

  • Tobacco smoke and unpleasant smells such as ammonia are eliminated
  • Hazardous substances and toxins such as formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and nicotine are part or fully eliminated

Function and Effects of drapilux air®

The active agent in drapilux air® works on a catalyst principle. The moment moving air brings gas molecules into contact with the fabric, drapilux air® starts an adsorption, elimination and conversion process. The result is cleaner, fresher and healthier air.

Added Value and Economic Benefits

Whether it’s a cruise ship, office or an hotel, drapilux air® offers a host of benefits:

  • No separate smoking and non-smoking areas are required
  • Former smoking rooms can be used by non-smokers, making room planning easier
  • Public areas remain fresh – guests associate fresh air with well-being and hygiene
  • Airborne hazardous substances are eliminated
  • The ambient air in day rooms, restaurants and corridors is improved substantially
  • Huge savings as the washing frequency can be reduced by more than 50%

The clear advantages of health, freshness and well-being make drapilux air® superior to conventional fabrics. Only drapilux air® can offer the European market the combination of these benefits with the advantage of flame-retardancy to IMO standards.

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