Roaming overseas on your iPhone and iPad with GeoSIM is now possible after the release of the new MicroSIM Global SIM card.

The smaller format global SIM card allows fans of Apple devices to roam overseas and benefit from GeoSIM technology while using the MicroSIM for voice, SMS and data.

The new MicroSIM cards are pre-cut to fit the iPhone 4 and iPad so as to avoid the need for users to trim or cut a standard sized SIM card, which can result in damage to the SIM.

The MicroSIM comes with all the features of the full-sized GeoSIM global SIM cards and allows iPhone and iPad users to join existing GeoSIM global SIM card customers in taking advantage of roaming in more than 200 countries on over 500 networks.

There are no contracts, monthly charges or connection fees, and additional savings can be made calling between GeoSIMs.

Global data roaming is available on a pay as you go basis and charged in 10kB increments meaning you only pay for what you – or your business – will use.

The MicroSIM comes as a standard SIM with a UK number or a Dual Number Multi IMSI SIM, which has a UK and US number and allows free incoming calls and much cheaper outgoing calls in the US and Canada.

The GeoSIM MicroSIM is priced at £9.98 (including VAT).