ATEX Certificate for OAC Oil/Air Coolers

The purpose of the ATEX standard is to protect those who work in explosive areas. ATEX is the standard within the EU to which the manufacturers of machinery that is to be used in potentially explosive areas have to adhere.

KTR has been awarded ATEX certification for its range of oil/air coolers for sizes OAC200 to OAC900 with 230V/400V fan drive and fan drive with hydraulic motor.

The approval is certified by the independent institute IBExU and is valid for all the above sizes of the OAC oil/air cooler for non-electric devices and components within the group I and II, device category M2, 2 and 3. This approval includes the OAC coolers for marine applications that are coated with a KTL dipping paint.

The OAC oil/air coolers will be available with the required ATEX marking very soon.

The type approval certificate for the OAC oil/air coolers as well as all other products are also shown on our homepage at

Supplementary to the OAC series, KTR offer oil/water coolers for industrial and marine applications, but without any ATEX certificate. In this case, tubular heat exchangers that are designed to utilise the aggressive salt water as a cooling medium are used. That is why components from special high-quality and sea water-resistant materials are used. Details are listed in our catalogue.

One major benefit of this type of water cooler is that the tube stack helps the cleaning of the coolers and it is possible to replace the dirty tube stack without the need to replace the whole cooler.

In addition to the wide range of standard products KTR manufactures, special bespoke products can be made on order to meet with individual customised demands.

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