Naiad Dynamics — the world leader in ship motion control solutions—is the fusion of legendary Stabilizer and Ride Control System brands Naiad Marine Systems, Maritime Dynamics, Vosper Stabilizers, Vosper Motion Control, VT Marine Products and KoopNautic Holland. Responsible for over 10,000 ship sets of motion control systems in the luxury yacht, commercial ship and military ship markets, the combined fielded experience of Naiad Dynamics is unmatched in ship motion control.

Innovative turn-key solutions for simultaneously reducing roll, pitch, heave, yaw and sway on a wide range of types & sizes of ships. Our systems are proven in Monohulls, Catamarans, Trimarans, SWATH, SLICE, SES and other advanced hull forms. Let Naiad’s expertise, proven effectiveness and ruggedly designed equipment enhance the performance of your vessel.

Some of the benefits of Naiad Dynamics motion control systems include:

  • Substantially reduce motion sickness, reduce crew fatigue, maintain work effectiveness
  • Reduce cargo and equipment damage
  • Reduce machinery stresses and wear
  • Maximize food concessions and casino revenue on-board and maintain ferry ridership
  • Reduce course corrections and rudder drag due to yaw
  • Continuously optimize trim and heel
  • Minimize motion induced falls and accidents
  • Minimize helo and other operations interruptions in rough weather
  • Enhance fuel economy / increase speed with same power
  • Optimize comfort of owners, guests, clients
  • Maintain speed and course in weather, expand operational envelope
  • Reduce wetted surface and required power

Roll stabilization systems

Naiad Dynamics has supplied more fin stabilizer systems than any other manufacturer. Proven hydrodynamic efficient fins provide dramatic roll reduction underway and while anchored or adrift. Our stabilization AtRest® system was the first successfully installed fin stabilizer that reduced vessel roll at zero forward speed. Naiad Stabilizers are the equipment of choice installed in thousands of vessels in demanding commercial and military ship applications, as well as luxury yachts of all sizes.

Naiad’s T-Foils provide motion control for a multitude of hull forms, and are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, including retractable.
Active Trim Tabs, fitted in pairs along the transom, provide roll, pitch and trim control by automatically adjusting deployment and varying the lift on each side of the transom.
Active Interceptors are a unique solution for high speed vessels. Operating on the same principle as trim tabs, they provide roll, pitch and trim control, but in a smaller, lighter package.
Naiad fin units provide superior roll damping both while underway and at rest. Traditionally used on monohulls, fins have also been fitted to SWATH, SLICE, and other hull forms.
Naiad hydraulic power packs quietly and efficiently supply hydraulic power for motion control devices as well as other shipboard equipment. Available in a variety of configurations to suit any application.

Ride control systems

Naiad Dynamics pioneered the science of ride control systems (RCS) — simultaneous stabilization of multiple vessel motions while maintaining optimal running trim. Using proprietary motion simulation programs to model a ship’s individual characteristics, Naiad experts analyze data to identify and optimize the best motion control solution, while also providing various alternatives. Over the last several decades our engineers perfected the development and application of continuously active fins, trim tabs, T-foils, Interceptors, lifting foils and air cushion systems — and will select or custom configure a system utilizing any appropriate combination of these control surfaces to suit your vessel objectives.

Advanced digital Controls

Our advanced three-term (angle-velocity-acceleration) digital DATUM™ control system represents the culmination of decades of motion control experience combined with cutting-edge technological innovation. Operating on a CANbus network with aerospace grade sensors, the DATUM is a fully proportional closed-loop system that senses the slightest motion and immediately positions our control devices to arrest wave induced motions before they develop.

Integrated hydraulic systems

Naiad Dynamics designs, manufacturers, supplies and supports complete shipboard hydraulic systems. The systems can be powered by engine driven pumps, or our specially designed hydraulic power packs. Naiad IHS can be designed to accommodate any shipboard hydraulic equipment, in addition to motion control devices. Our hydraulic engineers routinely design systems that power windlasses, davits, cranes, capstans, thrusters and more.

Worldwide support

Naiad Dynamics stands behind every system sold with a superb limited warranty and six sales and service centers, plus a worldwide mobile fleet of authorized dealers. In-stock parts typically ship within 24 hours, and our state-of-the art manufacturing facility ensures quick turnaround on parts throughout the life of the system.