Seagull is the leading provider of computer-based training systems for seafarers worldwide. We offer a complete training management solution tailored to the career development cycle of seafarers and the management needs of shipping companies, ship operators, ship managers, crew managers, and training centres.

Founded in 1996 by experienced mariners, we have grown into a dynamic company with over 100 employees at eight offices worldwide. We owe our success to our close partnership with leading shipping companies in developing and delivering a full range of assessment and management tools that ensure we meet and exceed STCW, IMO, and industry standards.

Assessment and management training for the maritime industry

The Seagull training system offers:

  • Training administration
  • Competence management
  • Ability profiling
  • Knowledge assessment
  • eLearning knowledge library
  • Safety training films
  • Onboard courses

At Seagull, we understand the unique training challenges facing the maritime industry today and we focus on providing a suite of software tools that are needed for a successful and affordable company training programme. We accomplish this in a scalable and flexible way so as to offer the complete solution and to keep your training costs down and manageable.

Seagull employs 100 experienced staff at eight locations worldwide, offering you support wherever you are in the world.
The Seagull training system provides software tools for the unique training challenges faced by the maritime industry today.
The system can be used either onshore or onboard, installed on the ship's LAN network.
Training frequency and required marks can be set individually for each module.
Student records are recorded in a central database.

You can start simply and add on the software tools you need and pay only for what you use in a predictable annual fee. Seagull’s solutions have been delivered to over 8,000 ships and office installations around the world.

Online and onboard training, analysis and eLearning

The Seagull training system (STS) is a suite of software tools that combines training administration, training records and reporting, statistical training analysis, career planning and proficiencies, psychometric ability assessment, knowledge assessment, proficiency profiling, and eLearning knowledge. The system can be used onshore online as well as onboard your vessels, either installed on the ship’s LAN network, or used from a laptop or desktop computer. It is customised to your requirements and scalable to your fleet needs.

Data software and training profiles

The STA is a core software tool that is powerful yet easy to use for managing all onboard training activities and seafarer career planning. All training onshore or onboard is recorded in a central database by a simple replication process from the office, training centre, and from ship to shore. The training records and history effectively follow the seafarer so that all records are kept up to date and retrievable no matter where he/she is.

It specifies a training profile for every position and crew member onboard. Training frequency and minimum required marks can be set individually for all training sessions. All this is readily available at any time for the training officer, and can be displayed on-screen, printed out or emailed.

Onboard training library

Our onboard library consists of over 188 computer-based training (CBT) modules and selected safety training DVDs. New titles are constantly added in response to changing industry and customer requirements and existing modules are frequently revised to reflect these changing needs.

Each CBT module is a dedicated multimedia program consisting of a number of chapters of learning material followed by an assessment section. The final assessment chapter contains a database of multiple choice questions from which final assessment tests can be randomly generated. Lessons are delivered with a sequential text and normally include a mixture of illustrations, animations and video clips as appropriate to the text. A training session can be interrupted at any time and continued at a later date; however, the final assessment can only be performed once.