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L.A. Maritime Offer Authorized KBB Turbocharger Service

ST 7

For six generations, Kompressorenbau Bannewitz GmbH of Germany has been producing KBB Turbochargers equipped with axial-flow and radial-flow turbines. L.A. Maritime of Los Angeles, California, is pleased to announce a new cooperation with KBB Turbocharger and offer service to vessels arriving at nearby ports.

Robert Schuchardt, marine engineer and vice-president of LAM, recently returned from an intensive training program at KBB. He says, "Vessel owners now have a choice of OEM service. We are pleased to be one of the few KBB service centers in North America, and the ONLY KBB service center on the US West Coast."

Loss of engine power, high exhaust temperatures, and ‘surging’ of the turbocharger all signal a need for expert attention. Regularly scheduled maintenance insures trouble-free operation.

For optimum performance of the HPR-series or ST-series turbochargers, KBB recommends an inspection after 12,500 hours, but under heavy fuel Oil (HFO) operation the need for service can arise earlier.

The initial inspection includes dismantling and complete cleaning, checking bearings, nozzle ring and all other parts for wear and cracks, re-assembly and re-check of all clearances. At 25,000 hours, the inspection includes replacement of bearings. At 50,000 hours, the rotor will be replaced.

Although Himsen (Hyundai) and Caterpillar engines can be found with KBB Turbochargers, Mr Schuchardt pointed out that L.A. Maritime can sell and retrofit these devices as well. Spare parts are available, also.

Since 2003, L.A. Maritime has provided offshore operators, ship yards, and shipping customers with the speediest possible service by operating seven service hubs in North America: Houston, Miami, New York, New Orleans, Vancouver-Canada, Nassau-Bahamas, and Los Angeles.

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