L.A. Maritime Services

L.A. Maritime Services is the leading service provider for lifeboat and davit annual and five-year inspections, maintenance and repairs, including rehooking of lifeboats and hook modification according to the latest IMO and SOLAS rules and regulations.

Loadtesting of cranes and other lifting appliances can be carried out with waterbags and loadcells up to several hundred tons ashore or onboard. We offer steel and pipe fabrication, as well as hull and structural steelworks with ABS certified welders out of our workshops in Houston and Los Angeles.

We service and repair anchor and mooring winches, recondition and overhaul cylinder heads for big four-stroke engines, and sell spare parts for filters (such as Boll & Kirch), separators and purifiers (such as Alpha Laval). Our quality system is certified by DNV according to ISO 9001-2008.

Lifeboat and davit annual and five-year inspections

When it comes to lifeboat and davit inspections, repairs, maintenance and modification, we are your first choice in North America and the Caribbean, servicing more than 500 vessels per year. We closely collaborate with lifeboat and davit manufacturers, classification societies and flag states, and will be able to assist you in bringing lifeboat hooks and release systems up to new standards and requirements of IMO and SOLAS. GRP repairs are carried out by experienced technicians according to the manufacturer’s procedures.

Lifeboat service.
Davit service.
Ship repair.
Spare part distribution.
Turbocharger service.
Engine maintenance and repair.
Safety equipment.
Our workshops and service stations.

Loadtesting cranes, davits, gangways and accommodation ladders

Equipment for loadtesting of cranes, davits, gangways, accommodation ladders and other lifting appliances are readily available from our warehouses in Houston, New Orleans, Los Angeles and Miami, and can be shipped to any location in the US and Canada.

Our technicians are experienced and well-trained, and are ready to be dispatched from our locations throughout the US and Canada. Waterbags are approved by classification societies and all load cells are calibrated. Our waterbags are made by well-known manufacturers Seaflex and Waterweights. Our loadcells come from Straightpoint and Dillon. If required, we can assist in the design and fabrication of spreaders for even distribution of the load. All equipment is carefully checked before delivery, avoiding equipment malfunction and test delays.

Fabrication, welding repairs and service of anchors and mooring winches

Aluminium, steel and pipe fabrication, and welding, hull and structural repairs are performed by ABS-certified welders. Our technicians are very experienced in servicing and repairing anchor and mooring winches, as we are the preferred service supplier of anchor and mooring winch manufacturers, including Broehl, TTS Kocks and IHI. We carry valid hot work permits for the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, and can usually perform welding repairs in any other location on or offshore.

Spare parts, diesel engines, filters and separators

We supply OEM parts and cost-effective, high-quality alternatives to OEM parts for various diesel engine types, including MAN, Wartsila, Caterpillar and MAK. Our range of supplies includes consumables for filters (Boll & Kirch, Moatti and Kanagawa Kiki) for separators (Alfa Laval, Mitsubishi and Westfalia) and plain bearings (MIBA and ZBHW).

Marine safety equipment

L.A. Maritime Services is an authorised sales distributor for DATREX, the leading supplier of marine safety equipment, including emergency rations, liferafts, safety lights, distress signals, life jackets and work vests, liferings and floats.