ROCKWOOL manufactures a wide range of products for marine insulation purposes. ROCKWOOL’s unique, specially developed fire insulation products can be used everywhere on-board ships, e.g. deck and bulkhead constructions, engine rooms, pipe and air ducts, doors and panels and floating floors.

Stone wool insulation for effective fire protection

Special attention must be paid to fire safety requirements, which makes ROCKWOOL insulation the natural choice. ROCKWOOL products are based on stone wool, which cannot burn and which will withstand temperatures of up to 1,000°C without melting.

Thus ROCKWOOL stone wool provides the best guarantee for effective fire protection on-board ships.

Superior marine fire protection insulation

ROCKWOOL ship fire protection systems surpass the most stringent standards of structural stability and integrity, limiting the spread of fire and protecting personnel and equipment.

ROCKWOOL has successfully developed products and systems that meet the specific fire protection and thermal / acoustic insulation requirements of ship installations.
ROCKWOOL's Marine Firebatts 100 and Marine Firebatts 130 products provide cellulosic fire protection to A30 and A60 standards for bulkheads and decks on-board ships.
The ROCKWOOL group is the world's largest manufacturer of stone wool, and can offer ship insulation solutions worldwide.

ROCKWOOL offers a variety of different solutions based on slab, wired mat or combinations of both.

Fires on ship installations can be categorised as cellulosic. Cellulosic fire conditions are typified by burning timber and upholstery. ROCKWOOL’s Marine Firebatts 100 and Marine Firebatts 130 products provide cellulosic fire protection to A30 and A60 standards for bulkheads and decks.

A wide range of stone wool insulation products

Besides fire insulation for A&H constructions, ROCKWOOL can offer a wide range of specially developed and approved products for applications such as comfort insulation, floating floors and technical insulation.

Marine insulation – approvals

All ROCKWOOL products and constructions have been tested according to the latest IMO regulations, just as ROCKWOOL is certified according to the latest MED directive. ROCKWOOL has chosen the notified body Det Norske Veritas, which consequently guarantees our quality.

Besides Det Norske Veritas, all ROCKWOOL products are approved by all major classification societies such as Lloyd’s Register and American Bureau of Shipping.

ROCKWOOL insulation worldwide

ROCKWOOL is part of the ROCKWOOL Group, which is the world’s largest manufacturer of stone wool with more than 20 factories and numerous representatives in many countries all over the world. This means that ROCKWOOL can offer ship insulation solutions worldwide.

ROCKWOOL’s website has now existed for several years and is used on a daily basis by many people all over the world. Our website, below, is regularly updated so that you will always find the latest information about products, constructions and approvals.