Rockwool Marine and Offshore has introduced a new, comprehensive technical guidelines manual for its marine and offshore insulation services. Throughout the years Rockwool Marine and Offshore has received many questions from its customers regarding different insulation issues within the marine and offshore sectors. This led to the company deciding to make these answers readily available for all its customers – not just the ones who were asking.

The manual offers information on marine and offshore constructions and technical installations, guidelines for the installation process, and recommendations for fire, acoustic and thermal insulation. In addition, it offers an overview of Rockwool Marine and Offshore’s product range and certificates.

Easy-to-use technical guidelines

Rockwool Marine and Offshore’s technical guidelines direct the reader through the world of marine and offshore insulations by making use of easy explanations, recognisable symbols and illustrations. In each issue there is a textual description of the solution accompanied by a visual description. This ensures that it is an approachable and easy guide for almost anyone.

CAD drawings online

Parallel to the technical guidelines, RMO has produced a set of CAD drawings of fire-rated A and H constructions. These CAD drawings are now available online for customers to use directly in their own drawing material.

If you wish to view Rockwool Marine and Offshore’s technical guidelines manual, please visit the company’s website where it can be downloaded or ordered.