In less than ten years, Indonesia’s Sumatra Islands was hit by earthquake twice. While some parts of the world were celebrating a national holiday on 26 December 2004, many Indonesian were scrambling and running for their lives when a 9.1 magnitude earthquake struck, triggering a tsunami across the Indian Oceans, claiming many lives.

Eight years down the road, Indonesia was once again hit by an 8.6 magnitude earthquake. Natural disasters come without warning and strike when we are off our guard. When mother earth unleashed her fury and send tremors across Sumatra Islands, many were home, in offices and on streets. None of them was aware of the impending danger that might change their lives forever.

The earthquake sent many rushing out of office buildings for safety. Tsunami warnings were raised and tsunami watch was put in place for many countries such as Indonesia, India, Australia, Myanmar, Thailand, the Maldives and other Indian Ocean islands, Singapore, Malaysia, Pakistan, Somalia, Oman, Iran, Bangladesh and Kenya.

Many rushed to higher grounds and further away from the coastal areas but we will not always be this lucky to have time to prepare for a tsunami attack. Hence, it is extremely important to always be prepared and ready for evacuation in time of natural disasters. Vanguard’s ‘T’ Pod is a tsunami capsule specially designed for escape in event of tsunamis, earthquakes and floods.

‘T’ Pod is your glimmer of hope in natural disasters.

Accommodating up to six people, this egg-shaped capsule carries the same characteristics as a lifeboat. With its self-righting capability and fire retardant hull, ‘T’ Pod is your safe haven in the midst of danger.

Armed with oxygen tanks, survivors are able to stay comfortably in the ‘T’ Pod with its hatch down for at least 8 minutes; more than enough time for the ‘T’ Pod to emerge to the surface of the water to be rescued.

Readiness and preparedness can be your ticket to survival in natural disasters. Vanguard, we keep you ‘safe at sea’ with our ‘T’ Pod.

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