Vektor Maritime, a division of Norway-based Vektor Prosjekt, delivers a variety of indoor and outdoor signs for fire control and safety plans, emergency plans, muster lists and glowing low location lighting (LLL) systems for marine vessels and offshore constructions.

The company works individually with its customers to design and deliver safety products in accordance with customers’ unique requirements in the maritime industry.

Vektor Maritime products comply with IMO, SOLAS, USCG, DNV and other maritime classification society requirements.

Fire control and safety plans for marine vessels

Vektor Maritime can update customers’ existing fire control and safety plans, or create a complete set of new plans.

Vektor Maritime fire control and safety plans are designed in compliance with regulations specifically related to the client’s vessel type.
The company offers high-quality emergency plan posters, compliant with international shipping regulations.
Vektor Maritime specialises in dirt and water-proof bunker oil transfer procedure plan posters, which must be displayed by ship owners to comply with CFR 33, part 155 and 156 requirements.
Digital and print format restricted area plans produced by Vektor Maritime aid company security officers’ mapping restricted areas work.
The company promotes the Safety Awareness campaign, which consists of 12 safety themes, combined with its Think Safety posters.

Plans are designed in compliance with regulations specifically related to the customer’s ship type or offshore construction.

High-quality printed and framed emergency plans for ships and offshore platforms

Vektor Maritime designs, prints and frames emergency plans, tailored to customer specifications.

Emergency plans are printed in colour on high-quality posters in compliance with international shipping and offshore regulations.

Dirt and water-proof bunker oil transfer procedure plan posters

Vessels performing bunkering operations in US waters or under the US flag are required to keep written procedures for bunker transfer operations of oil, hazardous material and liquid gas.

Vektor Maritime has developed a poster that complies with CFR 33, part 155 and 156 requirements.

Based on the company’s standard layout, posters can be adapted to fit individual customers’ internal procedures.

Plans can be delivered as dirt and water-proof posters, as well as "roll-up curtains", where available space is a luxury.

Printed and digital format restricted area plans for company security officers

Vektor Maritime supplies clients with documentation that is crucial for company security officers (CSOs) and their work of mapping restricted areas on-board the companies’ vessels.

The company’s plans are available in printed and digital format and comply with current shipping and offshore regulations and standards.

Think Safety posters – safety awareness campaign

Safety awareness posters can be adapted with logos and unique messages to meet the individual needs of clients.

Vektor Maritime’s Safety Awareness campaign consists of 12 safety themes, combined with Think Safety posters and safety awareness case studies. The posters are designed to educate and draw attention to safe conducts and expected behavior in the workplace.

High-quality glowing signs and low location lighting systems

The company provides high-quality products using glowing materials, specifically designed for life-saving applications.

Products include fire, health and safety signs. For safety way guidance we deliver glowing LLL systems. These products are fireproof and do not produce toxic gasses in a heated environment.

Vektor Maritime’s products are tested by Interscience Fire Laboratory in the UK.

IMO signs and posters for indoor and outdoor applications

The company’s signs are produced in accordance to IMO and ISO regulations. Signs can be delivered in a variety of media, such as glowing, reflective, magnetic and seawater-resistant aluminium.

Vektor Maritime also provides signs for outdoor use in metal. Metal signs are protected with a special weather and UV-protective varnish and come with a three-year durability guarantee.

Standard signs are delivered with an adhesive back for easy installation.