Alpha-Purify to Attend Posidonia to Promote UV Disinfection Lamps - Ship Technology
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Alpha-Purify to Attend Posidonia to Promote UV Disinfection Lamps

Posidonia is an international shipping exhibition for major companies and organisations active in all sectors of the shipping industry, hosted in Athens, Greece, for the past 50 years by the Greek Union of Shipowners.

Alpha-Purify’s head of global sales Berenika Bond will be attending the exhibition in June to network with leading UV system manufacturers, meet with ship owners and take in some of the technical talks and seminars taking place during the week. Alpha-Purify is a new division of the global UV technology manufacturer Alpha-Cure, created to focus on UV disinfection applications such as ballast water management and wastewater treatment.

Alpha-Purify manufactures market-leading medium pressure UV lamps used in the maritime industry by both end users and system manufacturers around the world. The product range includes spare and replacement lamps for virtually every UV disinfection OEM, replacement quartz sleeves, O-rings, power supplies and ballasts.

Berenika said: “The marine industry is a growing market utilising UV-based technologies, the latest one being ballast water treatment management (BWT). I am very exciting about visiting Posidonia this year as it is an excellent opportunity to meet with our existing customers and to explore potential business opportunities. “

UV disinfection is an increasingly popular choice for treating ballast water on ships as part of their ballast water management systems (BWMS), preventing ships spreading invasive aquatic species from one area of the ocean to another.

Drinking water, swimming pool water and both black and grey wastewater can also be treated with UV lamps in the maritime industry, offering a safe and chemical-free option that is also cost effective and easy to manage. UV light disrupts the DNA of microorganisms, meaning that they cannot reproduce and rendering them harmless.

Advanced wastewater systems have multiple stages to ensure solid waste, microbial waste and microorganisms are removed or inactivated. These may include shaker screens, bioreactors, filtration and ultra-filtration, wet oxidation and UV disinfection. UV disinfection systems are used as the final stage before waste water is discharged, to ensure it meets Alaskan and IMO effluent standards.

If you would like to meet with Berenika to discuss Alpha-Purify’s high-quality UV disinfection lamps and UV system accessories, please fill out the enquiry form. Berenika will be in Athens on Monday 7 June and Tuesday 8 June attending Posidonia as a visitor.

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