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Alpha-Purify Develops New UV Disinfection Lamps for Ballast Water Treatment

UV systems are an increasingly popular choice for the treatment of ballast water in the wake of the 2017 IMO directive, providing safe, chemical-free disinfection that mitigates the need for the transport and storage of harmful chemicals.

Alpha-Purify supplies UV lamps for ballast water treatment both to original equipment manufacturers and directly to end users, and are committed to continued development to ensure any issues or limitations are addressed.

Space can be very limited on board ships, and as such the size of the UV system and access to the lamps can be a critical factor for companies when they choose their ballast water treatment solution. Alpha-Purify’s research and development department has created germicidal UV lamps with a flexible return wire design to help address the challenges of space and access on board.

The key benefits of this lamp design include:

  • Regular access is required to one end of the lamp only and the system is compact
  • The lamp/system can be installed very near to a wall or in tight spaces
  • The flexible return wire helps to prevent frame distortion when the lamp is running, as it is held by spring tension
  • The wiring is simple to change, as both terminations are made in the same housing.

Alpha-Purify’s head of global sales Berenika Bond commented: “The development of this lamp and our other single-ended and framed disinfection lamps demonstrates Alpha-Purify’s ongoing commitment to developing lamps that help our customers overcome common problems and limitations in their sectors.

“We are delighted to be able to offer something to help more ship owners and OEMs use UV disinfection for ballast water treatment, and ensure that water is clean and safe for discharge into the ocean.”

For more information on Alpha-Purify’s range of UV disinfection lamps please fill out the enquiry form.

Head of Global Sales Berenika Bond will be attending SMM in Hamburg in September to discuss UV disinfection in ballast water, so please get in touch if you would like to arrange to meet.

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