Dellner Brakes Features in MN100 - Ship Technology
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Dellner Brakes Features in MN100

Dellner Brakes was featured in the Marine News magazine MN100 list for 2018, which recognises companies from US workboat, brown water, inland and coastal markets. Dellner Brakes acquired US brake and clutch specialist Gummi USA in September 2017 and provides products through the sub-brand Dellner Gummi USA. In January, the Dellner Group acquired German brake manufacturer Pintsch Bubenzer. Dellner Gummi USA branded products are ABS Type Approved and can also be delivered with ABS Unit Class Certification. Through their Dellner Gummi USA brand, Dellner Brakes provides clutch and braking products for a range of marine applications including reverse reduction gears, propeller shafts, deck equipment and hydraulic pump drives. For more information, download the free white paper.

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