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The Marshall Islands have called on the IMO to set a global emissions target for the shipping industry, but the proposal failed to gain support from the IMO’s Marine Environmental Protection Committee. Is enough attention being paid to shipping emissions on a global scale, and can the industry afford to ignore the question for much longer?

Also in this issue, we speak to Maersk Line about its plans to reduce emissions by 60% by 2020 through a combination of smart sailing, big data and technological upgrades, ask whether the shipping industry is ready for a roll-out of e-navigation and take a look inside Royal Caribbean’s new luxury liner Anthem of the Seas.

Moreover, we find out how leading cruise operators have scored in Friends of the Earth’s latest cruise sustainability report, and review new research into the link between artificial harbour lighting and the spread of fouling species that could damage ships.

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In this issue

Get Ready for the Digital Age
EfficienSea2 is the latest EU-backed maritime innovation project hoping to reshape the future of navigation through improved efficiency, safety and modern communication systems. Eva Grey asks, is the industry ready to embrace automated services?
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Heeding the Marshalls’ Call
The Marshall Islands’ call for a global shipping emissions target has reignited the debate on the sector’s eco-performance. Chris Lo asks, is now the time for stronger action from one of the world’s biggest and most polluting industries?
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Smart Sailing
Maersk Line plans to reduce CO2 emissions by 60% by 2020 using a combination of smart sailing, big data and technical upgrades. Julian Turner finds out more from Niels H Bruus, the company’s head of fleet performance.
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The Scores Are In
Friends of the Earth’s 2014 Cruise Ship Report Card revealed that more than 40% of ships rely on outdated sewage treatment technology and the industry doesn’t want to talk about its environmental practices. Elly Earls finds out more from FOE’s Oceans and Vessels programme director Marcie Keever.
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Virtually Thrilling
The newest addition to Royal Caribbean’s luxury cruise range, Anthem of the Seas promises a tech-packed, interactive voyage. Eva Grey takes a look inside what has been billed the “world’s most revolutionary cruise ship”.
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Into the Light
A study has found that artificial lighting in harbours and on ships can alter the behaviour of sea creatures and thus affect the safety of vessels. Gary Peters explores the extent of the damage and possible solutions.
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Next issue preview

US ship owner TOTE recently launched the world’s first liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered container ship, which the company says will reduce its emissions significantly. We investigate whether gas could be the solution to green shipping efforts and how far the LNG supply chain has to come before the concept can gain ground in the industry. We also ask ABB what role turbochargers can play in making today’s mega containerships more fuel efficient and compliant with environmental standards.

Also in the next issue, we take a look at new shipping terminals set to come online in Oman, Saudi Arabia and Qatar and ask shipping forecasters how they will help shape the market in the region over the coming years. Moreover, we find out how the Cargo200 initiative in the UK aims to reduce freight mileage by creating leaner supply chains, review milestones in BP Shipping’s 100-year history, and speak to the man behind the construction of the first traditional tall ship to be built in the San Francisco Bay area in more than 100 years.

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