All American Marine (AAM) has secured a contract from NV5 company Geodynamics for the construction of a research and hydrographic survey vessel, named R/V Shackleford.

The vessel will feature a 73in x 26.7in semi-displacement aluminium catamaran hull developed by Nic de Waal of Teknicraft Design, New Zealand.

Featuring design elements of Duke University Marine Lab’s R/V Shearwater and Blue Tide Puerto Rico’s R/V Blue Manta, the R/V Shackleford will be built according to US Coast Guard (USCG) Subchapter T standards.

The offshore wind survey vessel will operate off the eastern seaboard of the US.

The twin-engine speed and hull design’s stability will help Geodynamics to expand its specialised nearshore / mid-shelf hydrographic and geophysical survey operations.

It will also be possible to specifically customise the vessel for use in operations for the offshore wind sector.

Besides incorporating Teknicraft Design symmetrical and asymmetrical combined hull shape and bow wave piercer, the vessel will also feature a patented hydrofoil-assisted hull design.

Using digital modelling and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis testing, the hull shape was custom designed to provide a smooth ride and comfort for passengers and crew.

All American Marine president and COO Ron Wille said: “This vessel will enable Geodynamics to take their business to the next level, provide unmatched services and expand their scientific activities on the east coast significantly.

“The vessel will also help advance the rapidly growing windfarm industry on the East Coast and beyond.”

The vessel has a fuel capacity of 1,500 gallons and can accommodate 16 day passengers or eight live-on passengers and three crew.

It will include live-on quarters for passengers and crew, modern lab spaces, and the latest oceanographic equipment, which will allow different missions to be carried out.

Additionally, the propulsion package consists of two fixed pitch propellers, driven by twin CAT C18 ‘D’ ACERT, Tier three engines, rated at 803bhp at 2,100rpm, driving ZF 665V remote mounted gearboxes.