Hong Kong-based ship manager Anglo-Eastern has selected Wartsila to modernise its fleet operations.

Wartsila will implement the Fleet Operations Solution (FOS) across Anglo-Eastern’s fleet of more than 600 ships to increase ship navigational safety and fuel efficiency, as well as reduce crew workload.

Wartsila’s FOS combines a range of processes to improve planning management, weather routing, fuel consumption, and ship speed.

FOS supports ship-to-shore reporting and management of fleet performance to cut fuel consumption, taking into consideration speed management, charter party compliance, and the propeller, hull, and engine condition.

Wartsila said that its FOS can easily connect with a vessel’s planning station and electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS). It also features Cloud computing, data analytics, machine learning, and onboard / onshore mobile applications.

Anglo-Eastern CEO Caption Bjorn Hojgaard said: “We are keen to leverage the advantages of the latest digital solutions to maximise the efficiency of our voyages and the performance of our fleet.

“Realising the opportunities made possible by the Wartsila Fleet Operations Solution, we look forward to contributing to the further development of the solution as an early adopter.

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Wartsila Voyage Solutions/Transas managing director Torsten Bûssow said: “Our Fleet Operations Solution is exactly what we mean when we at Wartsila talk about utilising a Smart Marine approach to raise efficiencies, improve safety, and reduce the carbon footprint of shipping.”

Last week, Wartsila secured a contract to supply Wartsila 32 engine, a NOx Reducer (SCR) selective catalytic reduction system and a shaft generator to a Norwegian fishing vessel.

During the same week, the company also signed a letter of intent with Singapore-based PSA Marine to jointly develop smart technology for the marine sector.

Last month, German ferry operator Aktien-Gesellschaft selected Wartsila’s technology to reduce the environmental impact of ferries that operate in ecologically sensitive waters.