Mitsubishi Shipbuilding, part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), has organised a christening and launch ceremony for a new ship being constructed for Japanese ferry operator Hankyu Ferry.

Known as Settsu, the new ferry will replace the older ship Yamato, one of four large ferries operated by the company. Once the rigging work is completed, the Settsu will be handed over to Hankyu Ferry in February 2020. The ferry will be pressed into service on Shinmoji-Kobe route.

The new vessel will be 195m-long and 29.6m-wide with a gross tonnage of approximately 16,300. The ship will be capable of carrying around 663 passengers, almost 277 trucks as well as nearly 188 passenger cars.

Cargo handling facilities comprises two side ramps and doors along with another ramp and door at the stern.

The vessel’s design concept is “a relaxing voyage gazing at the stars and sea,” according to a statement by Mitsubishi Shipbuilding and the interior is appointed with features in the image of the port city of Kobe.

Located on the seventh story, the uppermost passenger deck has been particularly designed spaciously so that passengers can enjoy a cruise peering out the ship’s largest windows.

By deploying a new, optimal hull type, Mitsubishi Shipbuilding has successfully been able to achieve an increase in energy efficiency of almost 6% compared to earlier vessels.

Settsu is also equipped with an exhaust gas cleaning system to control airborne emissions of sulphur oxides (SOx) to comply with new regulations coming into force from 2020 in all marine areas.

Going forward, Mitsubishi Shipbuilding will continue to construct passenger ships, cargo carriers and transport vessels that offer superlative transport capacity, comfort, fuel efficiency and environmental performance as its contribution to the vitalization of marine transport and environmental protection.