Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) has announced that its Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC) has teamed up with the UK’s Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute (SMMI) to launch a joint laboratory in maritime and offshore engineering research and development.

The lab is located on A*STAR premises to promote engagement and for scientific exchanges with researchers from other fields.

It is intended to develop innovative technological solutions through modelling and simulation, using high-performance computing technology to solve technical issues that the maritime, energy and offshore sectors encounter.

“This joint lab is key to creating a hub for further research and development activities in marine and offshore companies in Singapore.”

IHPC executive director professor Alfred Huan said this joint lab is key to creating a hub for further research and development activities in marine and offshore companies in Singapore.

The joint lab aims to deepen the understanding of the science and technology deployed in building future ships and new offshore structures that explore for and extract oil, gas and renewable energy sources from deep oceans under extreme harsh environments; it will use these insights to develop impactful industrial applications.

The research areas will address two major challenges that the maritime and offshore sector currently face, namely engineering requirements in deepwater offshore oil and gas drilling, including design, operating environments and risk analysis, and the growth of shipping, including the increasing size, variety and complexity of ships and their need to be environmentally friendly.

“IHPC is keen to promote the development of high-performance computing techniques that can be applied to pertinent issues, that will lead to improved design of offshore structures and better understanding of their performance and reliability in harsher environment and more severe conditions,” Huan said.

“We intend to draw upon participation from industry players so that the benefits of the research can propagate through the economic sector.”

The joint lab will develop solutions for the technically complex challenges in the marine and offshore sector.

Projects will be undertaken in collaboration with other partners, such as researchers from National University of Singapore and the IHPC-Lloyd’s Register Joint Lab co-located within IHPC premises.

Hydrodynamics and fluid-structure interactions, applied mechanics and structure engineering are the areas covered under the laboratory’s first four projects.