The Olympic Boreas is a construction service operation vessel (CSOV) currently under construction by Ulstein Verft. Credit: Ulstein Group.
The Olympic Boreas is the first of two sister vessels, the latter being named Olympic TBN II. Credit: Ulstein Group.
The vessel will be operated by Norwegian subsea services company, Olympic. Credit: Ulstein Group.
The vessel was launched from the dock hall in April 2024. Credit: Ulstein Group.
The vessel is anticipated to be delivered by the summer of 2024. Credit: Ulstein Group.

The Olympic Boreas is a construction service operation vessel (CSOV) that will cater to the offshore wind industry. The vessel is based on the SX222 design by Ulstein Verft.

It is the sister vessel of Olympic TBN II. The two vessels will be owned and operated by Olympic, a Norwegian company with a fleet that operates in the subsea service and renewable energy sectors.

In July 2022, Olympic entered a contract with Ulstein for the construction of two CSOVs at Ulstein Verft, with an option for a further two.

Ulstein Verft is a branch of the Ulstein Group, a conglomerate of maritime firms headquartered in Ulsteinvik, Norway.

The steel-cutting ceremony for the Olympic Boreas took place in November 2022. The keel-laying ceremony was conducted in January 2023, followed by that of Olympic TBN II two months later, in March. Outfitting commenced in January 2024, with delivery anticipated by the summer of 2024.

The CSOV Olympic Boreas was launched from the dock hall at Ulstein Verft, Norway, in April 2024.

Design and features

The CSOV Olympic Boreas measures 89.6m long, and has a moulded breadth of 19.2m and a draught of 5.9m. It has a deadweight of 2,300t and can reach a maximum speed of 12.8kts.

The vessel is designed to accommodate 126 crew across 91 cabins and will feature a warehouse deck area of 500m2 (5,382ft2), complemented by a cargo deck area of 400m2.

Tailored for the offshore wind sector, the specialised vessel incorporates the innovative TWIN X-STERN solution. It features a four-wheel-drive system with main propellers positioned both fore and aft of the ship.

The vessel utilises hybrid battery propulsion and can operate on methanol fuel, enabling zero emission operations. Its unique design and features render it to be an effective and eco-friendly solution for offshore wind tasks. The SX222 series vessels are powered by diesel-electric propulsion with variable speed and extensive battery energy storage systems.

The hulls, constructed by the Crist yard in Poland, alongside the hull shape and hybrid propulsion system, ensure superior operational performance, seakeeping and a significantly reduced environmental footprint.

TWIN X-STERN details

The TWIN X-STERN® represents the latest innovation in the X-BOW® and X-STERN® series, that improves fuel efficiency and operability. Its unique features, particularly below the waterline, set it apart from other designs.

The dual stern and bow configuration, with main propeller units at each end, delivers smoother motion, heightened comfort and improved operability, favouring complex marine operations.

The TWIN X-STERN extends the operational window. Four azimuth thrusters, two at each end, enhance manoeuvrability. The thrusters are highly efficient, capable of directing thrust in response to the direction of waves and currents.

The synergy between the thruster and hull design yields low energy consumption and provides superior operability and comfort.

Ulstein’s automation solutions

The vessel will be equipped with a range of management and automation systems from Ulstein.

The power management system enables complete control of power generation through a user interface and incorporates smart circuit breakers to minimise switchboard space and installation efforts. It also provides instantaneous feedback on system status, changes, and potential failures.

The energy management system allows comprehensive control of the hybrid power systems via a user interface, enhancing safety using energy storage and a reliable backup power source. It is fully integrated with the X-CONNECT®.

The Ulstein Integrated Automation System is an advanced platform designed for the control and automation of ship systems and processes. It is based on the universal integration platform X-CONNECT®.

The X-CONNECT ULSTEIN Blue Box provides a user-friendly interface for a flexible, secure, and efficient ship-to-cloud solution, facilitating real-time data collection and optimisation

Contractors involved

Ulstein Power & Control has been commissioned to supply an extensive power and automation package, including a substantial battery provision.