Damen cutter suction dredger (CSD) 500 is used in capital mining and maintenance dredging operations. Credit: Damen Shipyards Group.
The dredger can be installed with a range of customised equipment and systems. Credit: Damen Shipyards Group.
The cutter head of the CSD 500 has a power rating of 180kW. Credit: Damen Shipyards Group.

The Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD) 500 series of dredging vessels is built by Damen Shipyard Group for use in capital mining and maintenance dredging missions.

Basra Gateway Terminal (BGT) received a Damen CSD 500 vessel named Ishtar in March 2018. It supports the terminal extension project at the Port of Umm Qasr, Iraq. Damen delivered a total of 15 CSD 500 vessels during 2016-17.

A CSD 500 vessel named Daserah was delivered to a customer based in Africa in December 2014. Damen also delivered three CSD 500s named Seaworks 33, Seaworks 19 and Jide VIII in 2014.

Three CSD 500s were delivered to the Ministry of Emergency Situation (MES) of Azerbaijan in January 2012.

Damen Shipyard handed over four CSD 500-series cutter suction dredgers to the Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources in February 2011.

CSD 500 design and features

The CSD incorporates a dismountable and heavy-duty robust design, which can be integrated with various customised options, including navigation package, spud carriage pontoon and a production measurement unit.

The vessel has an overall length of 38.5m with the ladder, whereas the length over the pontoons is 25.5m. It is 2m-deep with a beam of 7.95m, draught of 1.05m and air draught of 6.4m, and a gross weight of 140t.

The CSD 500 vessel has a total installed power of 1,293kW. It is capable of storing 22m³ of fuel oil, 8.8m³ of ballast water and 2.5m³ of hydraulic oil.

The vessel features a spacious ergonomic control cabin and engine room. The operator’s cabin is installed with air conditioning and heating system. It offers a panoramic view of both the vessel and the site.

A day accommodation facility can be installed below the operator cabin of the vessel. The vessel can also be installed with dredging software, which improves its operational efficiency.

Optional equipment such as a jib crane, stern swivel, fire-fighting system and navigation lights can also be fitted to the vessel.

Dredging equipment

The CSD 500 vessel is installed with BP5045 dredge pump, a suction pipe and a discharge pipe. The dredge pump integrates a highly efficient double-curved impeller for superior suction capability. It is also installed with an environmentally friendly mechanical shaft seal, which avoids the need for grease or gland water, resulting in reduced service downtime.

“The diameter of the suction and discharge pipes is 500mm, while the vessel has a capacity to hold 4,000m³ of mixture an hour.”

The crown model cutter head has a diameter of 1,625mm and is installed with changeable chisels. It has a power rating of 180kW and enables dredging operations at a maximum depth of 14m. The dredger offers a swing width of 40m at its maximum dredging depth.

The diameter of the suction and discharge pipes is 500mm, while the vessel has a capacity to hold 4,000m³ of mixture an hour.

It is further equipped with a hydraulic drive ladder winch with a variable force of 120kN at 0-15m/min. Two hydraulically-driven side wire winches on-board the vessel have a pulling force of 120kN each.

The dredging vessel is fitted with two 19m-long spuds and two spud hoisting rams with a stroke of 1.5m each.

It can also be installed with other dredging instruments, including a dredging depth indicator, as well as vacuum and pressure indication of the dredge pump.

CSD 500 propulsion and power

Damen’s CSD 500 vessel is equipped with a Caterpillar 3512C TA diesel dredge pump, which has a rated power output of 954kW at 1,600rpm. A Caterpillar C12 TA auxiliary diesel engine is also fitted to the vessel.

The electrical system includes 24VDC and 230/400VAC systems. The prime power rating of the vessel is 339kW at 1,800rpm.