Muslim Magomayev is the world’s biggest high-speed crew catamaran vessel. Image courtesy of Peter Harmsen.
Muslim Magomayev was ordered in August 2013 by Caspian Marine Services (CMS). Image courtesy of Peter Harmsen.
The Muslim Magomayev FCB provides on-board seating for 150 passengers. Image courtesy of Incat.
The FCB can cruise at a maximum speed of 38.7k. Image courtesy of Peter Harmsen.
Muslim Magomayev was christened at a ceremony held in September 2014. Image courtesy of Incat.


The Muslim Magomayev fast crew boat (FCB) is the world’s biggest high-speed crew catamaran vessel, built primarily to carry crew to multiple offshore installations. The vessel was built by Australia-based Incat Tasmania’s shipyard at Prince of Wales Bay, Derwent Park near Hobart.

Caspian Marine Services (CMS) placed the order for the vessel in August 2013 and construction began in September 2013. The boat was christened in honour of Azerbaijan’s famous opera and pop singer Muslim Magomayev at a naming ceremony in September 2014. The boat departed for its maiden voyage to Baku, Azerbaijan, after completing its sea trials.

CMS operates the vessel to transfer crew to oil and gas fields such as Azeri-Chirag-Deepwater Gunashli (ACG) and Shah Deniz in the Azerbaijan sector of the Caspian Sea.

Design and features of the world’s biggest high-speed crew catamaran vessel

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Incat Tasmania names new fast crew boat Muslim Magomayev

Australian Shipbuilder Incat Tasmania has named its new fast crew boat (FCB) as Muslim Magomayev, which has been specifically designed for use in the oil and gas industry.

Designed by Incat Crowther, Muslim Magomayev is made of lightweight, marine-grade aluminium, and fitted with an advanced Semi-SWATH hull form combined with a resiliently mounted main cabin. The boat also incorporates an active ride control system consisting of T-Foil, interceptors and yaw stabilisers.

The vessel is designed to operate in rough weather conditions of 40k winds and wave heights up to 3m. The optimised hull design reduces on-board noise, vibration and indoor climate, according to the DNV comfort class notation. The boat also complies with the IMO High Speed Craft (HSC) Code standards.

The overall length of the vessel is 70m, while its load waterline length (LWL) and moulded beam are 67.6m and 16m respectively, and the deadweight is 191t.

The catamaran vessel has a hull draft of 2.15m, while its draft with retractable bow thrusters is 3.15m. The FCB features a deck measuring approximately 275m² with a loading capacity of 2t/m², enabling the vessel to carry 130t of deck cargo to a range of 300nmi at a speed of 35k.

Muslim Magomayev received the class notations +1A1 DNV HSLC Service 2, R1, EO, DYNPOS- AUTR, CLEAN-DESIGN, COMF-V(3) C(3), NAUT-HSC NAUT-OSV(A) IMO DP Equipment Class 2 and is the first craft to receive the DNV Clean Design class notation awarding it a ‘Green Passport’.

The vessel comprises four fuel tanks and two freshwater tanks, each with the capacity to hold 12,500l of fuel and 5,000l of water, respectively. Muslim Magomayev, which is also fitted with two tanks of 250l each for holding hydraulic oil, can carry 3,000l of sullage, 5,000l of grey water, 1,000l of oily bilge water and 1,000l of lube oil.

Accommodation and safety features on-board fast crew boat Muslim Magomayev

The vessel offers accommodation for 150 special personnel, with seating arrangements in the main and mid decks, and two VIP meeting rooms. Other facilities include vending machines, luggage storage facilities, toilets, a sick bay and an entertainment system with in-seat audio. There is also a large A60 workshop provided on the main deck.

The mid-deck features crew accommodation for 14 in its nine ILO-compliant cabins, with additional facilities such as a galley and a mess.

Safety equipment on-board the vessel includes two man overboard boats (MOBs), each with a capacity to carry six people, as well as two 100 Pax liferafts and two 100 Pax marine evacuation systems (MES).

Equipment and systems on-board the CMS operated Muslim Magomayev

Muslim Magomayev is outfitted with a Kongsberg K-Pos DP-21 dynamic positioning system (DPS) and four control stations, each using Hamilton Jet’s MECS control system, which is integrated with a DNV DYNPOS-AUTR DPS. This enables crew safety during transfers in conditions up to sea state four.

"The vessel offers accommodation for 150 special personnel, with two VIP meeting rooms, luggage storage facilities, toilets, a sick bay and an entertainment system with in-seat audio."

The boat is the first crew catamaran to use the Ampelmann access system, which is located at the aft cargo deck. It provides a stable deck and gangway for safe crew transfers between the offshore platform and the vessel.

The access platform balances the vessel’s speed by using six hydraulic cylinders. A crane-lifted personnel transfer system is provided to lift up to two groups of nine offshore workers in high-sea states.

Communication equipment on-board the Muslim Magomayev includes a Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS), fleet broadband services from Sailor FR250 and Sailor 900 VSAT satellite communication systems. The vessel is also fitted with a PK4500M knuckle boom crane from Palfinger.

Engine and propulsion of FCB Muslim Magomayev

The fast crew boat is powered by four MTU 16V4000 M73L main diesel engines, which generate 2,880kW of power each at 2,050rpm. The engines coupled to the ZF 9050NR2H gearboxes drive four Hamilton HT-900 water jets. The vessel is also fitted with four 550ekW Caterpillar C18 main generator sets and one Caterpillar C.4.4 emergency generator set, which generates 99kW of electrical power.

For easy manoeuvrability, four 300hp Thrustmaster TH300MLR azimuth retractable bow thrusters are also fitted on-board the vessel, which sails at a maximum speed of 38.7kt.