Noordstroom is a new anchor handling tug supply (AHTS) Vessel of the Shoalbuster 3512 design. Image: courtesy of Damen Shipyards Group.
Noordstroom AHTS is being built by Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld. Image: courtesy of Damen Shipyards Group.
Van Wijngaarden Marine Services placed an order for Shoalbuster 3512 in February 2015. Image: courtesy of Damen Shipyards Group.

Noordstroom is the first vessel based on the design of Damen Shoalbuster 3512

Noordstroom is the first vessel based on the design of Damen Shoalbuster 3512, which itself is the latest member of the Shoalbuster range of shallow draft workboats.

The vessel is being built by Damen Shipyards Hardinxveld for Netherlands-based Van Wijngaarden Marine Services, as part of an order placed in February 2015.

The Shoalbuster 3521 will perform towing, mooring, pushing, anchor handling and ocean-going operations, and will provide dredging support for offshore projects.

Noordstroom is the fourth vessel of the Shoalbuster range to be supplied by the Damen Group for Van Wijngaarden Marine Services, and the owner will deploy the boat as an anchor handling tug supply (AHTS) vessel for offshore operations. Delivery of Noordstroom is scheduled for March 2016.

Noordstroom dimensions and design

The first azimuthal stern drive (ASD) tugboat built by Damen Shipyards.

The versatile vessel is designed with a high bollard pull and less draft, making it more suitable for heavy towage in shallow waters. It will carry up to seven standard containers (20 TEU), and will support diving, survey and dredging operations.

Noordstroom will have an overall length of 34.8m, beam of 12m, depth of 4.3m, and maximum draft of 3.4m. The deadweight and gross tonnage of the vessel will be 285t and 498t respectively.

Accommodation facilities aboard Noordstroom

The AHTS vessel will offer heated and air-conditioned living spaces, including captain’s cabin, two single-crew cabins, four double-crew cabins, a galley, a mess, and sanitary facilities. The facilities comply with ILO2006 rules, and can accommodate 11 persons.

Shoalbuster 3512 deck layout/equipment details

The vessel will feature an extensive working deck, which covers 134m². The deck will be installed with two high holding power anchors (HHP) weighing 450kg each, a 22mm short-link anchor chain of length 247.5m, two Kraaijeveld hydraulic anchor winches, one deck crane, one anchor handing/towing winch, one towing pin, and one tugger winch.

Noordstroom Tank capacities

Shoalbuster 3512 will be equipped with tanks capable of storing 255m³ of fuel oil, 25m³ of freshwater, 18m³ of freshwater trim, 5.8m³ of sewage, 2m³ of sludge, 4.5m³ of dirty oil, 3.3m³ of lubrication oil, 2m³ of hydraulic oil, 3.7m³ of gear oil, and 5m³ of bilgewater.

Navigation equipment on-board the Noordstroom will include a Kotter Cassens en Plath Reflecta magnetic compass, one Anschuetz Standard 22 compact gyro compass, two Furuno FAR-2117 radars, a Furuno GP-170D GPS, a Simrad AP-70 autopilot, a Furuno FA-150 Automatic Identification System (AIS), Furuno FE-800 and Sigma 120 Echosounders, a Meteo system Obsermet OMC-115 wind indicator, a Furuno DS-80 Speedlog, and three 1,000W Pesch search lights.

"The propulsion system will integrate three 970kW Caterpillar C32 ACERT 4-stroke diesel marine engines, which deliver a total power output of 2,910bkW at 1,800rpm."

The communications are supported by two Sailor RT6222 VHF Radio Telephones, a Sagem RT-3000 GSM, two Jotron TR20 Handheld VHF, a Furuno NX 700A Navtex, a Furuno FS-1575 with DSC MF/HF Tranceiver, two Thrane & Thrane 6110 Inmarsat-C, a Marble 421 bridge watch alarm, a Meteoscan combined into Maritime PC weatherfax, a Radio Zeeland Sigma 700 Intercom, a Thrane & Thrane Fleetbroadband 150 fleet system, and a Seatel ST24 satellite TV system.

The vessel is also fitted with two maritime computers, one for Transas NS4000 chart software and another for communication purposes.

Propulsion system of Noordstroom

The propulsion system will integrate three 970kW Caterpillar C32 ACERT 4-stroke diesel marine engines, which deliver a total power output of 2,910bkW at 1,800rpm. The middle engine will be configured to complement twin gensets to supply additional power to the crane, winch and bow thrusters when required.

The vessel will also integrate three REINTJES reverse reduction gearboxes with built-in hydraulically-operated clutch, three Promarin fixed pitch propellers in Van der Giessen Optima Nozzle, and an electrical driven bow thruster of 300bhp.

The two Caterpillar C7.1 main generators aboard the vessel will be capable of generating 1,875kVA of power each. In addition, one 600EkW emergency power generator coupled with centre C32 main engine will be provided.

Other auxiliary equipment of the vessel will include transfer pumps for freshwater and fuel oil, Westfalia OTC-2 fuel oil separator, and an electrical-driven hydraulic set with two E-motors of 110kW and 52kW.

Noordstroom will have a bollard pull power of approximately 55t and can sail at a maximum speed of 11.5kt.