The Zaliv Amerika being towed out by tugs to begin her maiden voyage to Alaska.
The Zaliv Amerika is the first of a series of six new vessels of the Aframax class.
The ship is under a three-year lease to Tesoro Far East Maritime Company.
The Zaliv Amerika has been designed for ice operations.

The Zaliv Amerikais is the first ice-class medium-sized tanker to join the Primorsk Shipping Corp fleet. Owned by Boussol Shipping, the ship is operated by the Tesoro Far East Maritime Company to transport oil. The ship is under a three-year lease to Tesoro and was commissioned in January 2007. The keel was laid in August 2007.

The ship is the first of six new tankers in the new PRISCO aframax series. Each of the six new vessels will be named after Far Eastern gulfs.

The Zaliv Amerika was built at Hyundai shipyards in Uslan, South Korea, and was blessed on 14 December 2007 by Father Tikhon, an orthodox priest. Irina Bulatova christened the vessel as its Godmother. The vessel is designed to operate in freezing waters. Sea trials were held in January 2008.

The vessel was delivered and sailed on 23 January 2008, making her first call at Honolulu, Hawaii, at the end of February. The ship then sailed onto Kachemak Bay, Alaska, where further tests were carried out. The ship then headed for the KPL dock in Nikiski ready to begin operations. The vessel carried oil and oil products during the first year of its operations between ports in South East Asia and North America.

Design and construction

The vessel has a gross tonnage of 104,535t and is 244m in overall length. The length between the perpendiculars is 234m, the draught is 14.9m and the moulded breadth is 42m. The overall depth of the ship is 22m.

“The Zaliv Amerikais the first ice-class medium-sized tanker to join the Primorsk Shipping Corp fleet.”

The cargo capacity of the ship is regulated by Tesoro’s spill response plans for Cook Inlet. Notation of the vessel is 1A1 ICE-1C Tanker for Oil ESP SPM E0 VCS-2 TMON NAUTICUS (Newbuilding).

The vessel has a double hull to mitigate the risk of an oil spill in case of damage. It is equipped with modern equipment to optimise fuel burning. It also fulfils all international requirements of pollution prevention.

The tanker is classified as an 1C ice-class vessel by the classification society, Det Norske Veritas.


The ship’s three auxiliary boilers are MISSION OC and two MISSION OL 30T/H provided by Aalborg Industries AS. The emergency generator diesel power unit is a 6CT-8.3-D(M) and was supplied by Cummins Inc.

“The tanker is classified as an 1C ice-class vessel.”

The three main generator diesel engine C, P and S are 6H21/32 and were supplied and fitted by HHI.

The main propulsion diesel engine is a 7S60MC-C and was supplied by MAN B&W. The steering gear for the vessel is FE21-207-T050.

The vessel uses: a composite boiler, vertical shell-type P boiler and vertical shell-type S boiler.