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The New Marine Technic Machinery Part Cleaner

Since 1978 Marine Technic has been a major and reliable supplier of spare parts, repairs and technical equipment needed offshore for vessels and oil rigs all over the world.

Marine Technic is able to provide a machinery part cleaner specially designed and developed for marine use. The part cleaner will help a great deal onboard by improving the working environment, saving man hours, reducing use of chemicals for cleaning purposes and reducing sludge. It has a simple operation and offers fast cleaning without supervision.

The Marine Technic part cleaner is able to accommodate and clean the most comment auxiliary engine spare parts, filters, pump parts, tools, cylinder covers etc. It is made from stainless steel plates and is well isolated to reduce loss of heat and enable the machine to stay heated all day, ready for use.

Marine Technic part cleaners are produced in three types:

  • 201M: maximum carrying capacity 300kg
  • 203M: maximum carrying capacity 550kg
  • The newest 204M: maximum carrying capacity 1,350kg

To find out more about the Marine Technic part cleaner, please download our free data sheet.

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