Marine satellite, internet and TV specialist EPAK has announced its best offer for high-speed internet on-board marine vessels, at a price of about 20 times lower than other providers, according to the company.

Using EPAK’s marine internet systems, customers can surf the internet from their boats as if they were at home, thanks to the company’s high-speed internet connection, while enjoying the freedom of a flexible tariff plan.

The tariff plan does not tie customers to a minimum contract duration.

EPAK’s plan, which costs just €490 per month offers the following benefits:

  • High-speed internet at sea (up to 8Mb/s download speed)
  • No minimum plan length
  • No minimum usage
  • 10GB monthly data allowance
  • €40 per extra 1GB
  • Maximum flexibility

This plan is only available thanks to the top performance of the maritime internet antenna EPAK DSi9.

The DSi9, the most powerful EPAK maritime internet antenna, has a structure that allows it to work properly in open seas and in every weather condition. Violent waters and fierce rain do not affect the performance of EPAK’s VSAT system, ensuring that customers always have access to a fast internet connection at sea.