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Services, Products and Solutions for Interior and Outfitting On-Board

R&M is a leading global provider of interior outfitting for ships and maritime facilities.

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fixtures and fittings from R&M

R&M is a leading global provider of interior outfitting for ships and maritime facilities.

The company’s service offering covers the entire value chain, including research and development, engineering and consulting, production and logistics, project management and field-executions, and maintenance and refurbishment.

Customised insulation, vibration protection, and fittings for ship interiors

R&M is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, and the company’s portfolio of services for new builds, conversions and repairs includes thermal and acoustic insulation, noise and vibration protection, interior accommodation, design and installation of heating and air conditioning systems, as well as the construction of pipelines, sanitary facilities and marine furniture.

The X-Lounge on ‘Mein Schiff 4’ was outfitted by R&M Finland.
From individual solutions up to customised projects, R&M is a competent partner for HVAC programmes.
R&M’s portfolio includes the delivery and installation of galleys, laundries, and mess rooms.
Walls and ceilings are made according to architectural regulations and the latest safety standards.
Interior outfitting from R&M is always purpose-built for individual projects.
R&M provides interiors for all types of ships and maritime facilities, from cruise vessels to offshore platforms.
Prefabricated cabins are fully equipped with wet units and furniture, all produced by Alvedoor Marine, the product division of R&M Group.
Alvedoor marine produce high-quality furniture with premium materials and creative designs.

Safe thermal, sound and vibration insulation

R&M offers extensive expertise in thermal insulation, fire safety, and noise protection, noise and vibration. The company’s services also extend to the insulation of floors, pipelines, surfaces, exhaust and HVAC systems, cargo tanks on LNG tankers and pressure hull insulation for submarines.

Energy-saving HVAC concepts

R&M develops efficient and energy-saving concepts for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), assisting customers from project planning to project completion.

Installation of standard and made-to-measure piping systems

There are often up to 15 separate pipe systems on a ship. To effectively plan and coordinate activities, knowledge of these systems, design competence, and experience are all necessary requirements.

R&M performs the installation of pipe systems, from smaller sections to complex pipelines, as well as special-purpose and customised solutions.

Precise shipfitting and welding

The assembly of individual sections to form an integral ship or offshore platform calls for an extremely high level of precision cutting and welding. R&M USA uses tested materials and welding filler metals, and engages certified welding and testing personnel.

R&M USA fabricates everything from individual sections to large modules weighing between 2t and 1,000t of high-alloy steel.

R&M Group Products

The R&M Group produces its own products to be used for on-board installation. Alvedoor Marine, the product division of the R&M Group, owns production facilities in Germany and China, and provides high quality products for long-term application.

Wall and ceiling panels tested for fire-protection and soundproofing

R&M wall and ceiling panels are tested for sound insulation in accordance with international ISO 140-3 and achieve values of up to 48dB, depending on the product

The walls consist of metal layers filled with mineral fibre wool and include the classifications A-60, B-15, and B-0 of single, double, and multi-layered varieties.

The ceiling portfolio includes B-15, A-30, B-0 and A-30. Both panel types are coated with steel, stainless steel, aluminium, PVC (only walls), or varnished in RAL and NCS colours. Customised panels with cable ducts, cutouts, or integrated reinforcements, inspection hatches and portholes can also be provided.

High-quality floor for noise and vibration protection

Alvedoor Marine’s floors meet all technical requirements in terms of fire and noise protection, and they can be laid quickly and easily.

Alvedoor Marine offers an A-60 floor, a C-class floor, and the EPSI® floor, with extremely good soundproofing properties, and particular resistance to moisture, with a laying time of 2m² / h to 4 m² / h.

Fire-protected doors for ships and maritime facilities

Alvedoor Marine’s portfolio includes doors in fire classification ‘B’ for use in cabins, and doors in fire classification ‘A’ for use in areas with higher fire protection requirements.

Both can be adapted to a very wide range of conditions on-board and are ideal for ensuring an integrated system.

Functional and comfortable cabins and wet units for passenger and crew

Alvedoor Marine’s wet units and cabins are suitable for passenger and crew areas for all types of ship. They are fully outfitted with variable wall and ceiling systems, doors, and furniture. Wet units contain pre-installed piping for fresh, grey, and black water. Electrical wiring is ready-to-use and can be equipped with any required accessory.

R&M also offers integrated HVAC control units for cabins.

High-comfort furniture to suit specific requirements

Alvedoor Marine’s high-grade furniture ranges from cabinets, to table and counter systems of all kinds. With creative designs, flame-retardant materials, real wood veneers, and edging or individual varnishes, maximum safety on-board and sophisticated designs are guaranteed.

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