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FE Analysis, Classification Designs, Consultations and Inspections for the Maritime Industry

SDS Aura are a Finnish naval architect and marine engineering company providing services that include vibration analysis, consultations of ship's steel structures, strength and classification calculations, workshop and hull classification drawings, and complete 3D product models.


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SDS Aura is a Finnish naval architect and marine engineering company providing services that include vibration analysis, consultations of ships’ steel structures, strength and classification calculations, workshop and hull classification drawings, and complete 3D product models.

These services can be used for different marine structures, as well as shipbuilding, offshore and other nautical devices.

The company’s retrofit, conversion, and new build services can enhance ships throughout their service life. SDS Aura serves a wide range of customers, including shipyards, ship owners and engineering companies. Projects vary from large-scale designs to concise finite element (analysis).

Classification and structural design for ship hulls

SDS Aura designs hulls and other structural solutions that save time and reduce production costs for its customers. The company provides classification calculations for steel structures, hull classification drawings, complete 3D product models and workshop drawings.

During the Oasis of the Seas project, SDS Aura's specialists coordinated FE-analysis, while during the Harmony project the company was responsible for hull classification documentation and FE analysis approval.
SDS Aura contributed to concept designs for Oasis of the Seas’ Central Park, as well as its windjammer and Rising Tide bar.
Aker ARC 124 Port Icebreaker was built to assist the liquefied natural gas (LNG) tankers in the Port of Sabetta. The basic design of its hull structures, classification drawings, calculations and FE analysis were commissioned for SDS Aura.
The Buster aluminium boat range’s maximised strength and fatigue durability demonstrates the company's ability to execute complex and detailed FE-analysis and calculations.
Using global and local FE-models, SDS Aura carried out strength and fatigue calculations for Viking Line Grace, the first Finnish LNG-passenger vessel.

SDS Aura´s high-quality designs are created in close co-operation with the customer to ensure that the end result meets their specific requirements.

The company adjusts its tools to fit the customer’s needs. For example, during one of its projects, SDS Aura created a calculation application to verify hull classification requirements according to Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS) rules for icebreakers.

It has adjusted its methods to comply with the rules of various classification societies, ensuring that its structural designs and FE analysis enables clients to receive approval from these organisations.

Finite element analysis (FEA/FEM)

SDS Aura conducts technical analysis for a range of attributes, including marine structures’ ultimate strength, fatigue strength, strength under seismic loads, stability and dynamic analysis.

The company can carry out global and local FE-analysis to verify the strength of steel structures, and easily model the global FE model of ships using its finite element method (FEM) software. SDS Aura’s high-level application programming interface (API) enables it to customise the execution of FEM calculations, as well as to effectively use models from Aveva, Napa or 2D drawings.

SDS Aura is experienced in the analysis of the vibration of steel structures, and can simulate vibration response even in the early stages of design. The company has its own equipment for measuring vibrations according to shipbuilding standards.

Consultation and inspections for steel structures

SDS Aura offers consultations and inspections of steel structure documents. The company can provide third-party reviews for ship-owners for various purposes, such as for negotiations with shipyards. Its specialists perform inspections required by domestic statutes and international conventions of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), as well as conduct surveys to ensure standards are carried out.

The company provides on-site steel and hull inspections and factory acceptance tests in co-operation with the customer to ensure specific requirements are met. SDS Aura also has a former classification inspector, licenced by the American Bureau of Shipping, in its service.

About SDS Aura

SDS Aura was founded in 2010 by managing director Janne Auvinen. In 2014, the company established offices in Turku and Jyväskylä, Finland.

In 2015, SDS Aura acquired the business operations of Aasaplan, an experienced Naval Architect company. It currently employs around 20 naval architects, design engineers and structural analysts.

SDS Aura’s specialists have several years of experience in the industry, and can conduct basic or detailed design, strength and vibration analysis of any seagoing vessel.

White Papers

Press Releases

  • A New Application for Ice Strengthening Calculations from SDS Aura

    There aren't currently any applications or software available for calculating the necessary ice strengthening for icebreakers or ice-going vessels. There are only classification rules describing the requirements. If the designers don't have any tools, verifying of the hull requirements is very time-consuming.


  • Harmony of the Seas Cruise Ship

    The third vessel in the Oasis-class cruise ships, Harmony of the Seas was built by STX France at its Saint-Nazaire shipyard for Royal Caribbean International.

  • Sovcomflot Icebreaking Stand-by Vessels

    Arctic shipbuilding specialist Arctech Helsinki Shipyard began construction of the first of three multifunctional icebreaking standby vessels for Sovcomflot (SCF), the biggest shipping company in Russia, in February 2016.

  • NB 510 LNG-Powered Icebreaker

    NB 510 Ice Breaking Vessel, being built at Arctech Helsinki Shipyard, will be the world’s first liquefied natural gas (LNG)-powered icebreaker, upon completion.

  • Mein Schiff 3 Cruise Ship

    Mein Schiff 3 is the first cruise liner of the 'feel-good fleet' being built by STX Finland at its Turku Shipyard, for the German cruise operator TUI Cruises, which is a joint-venture between German tourism company TUI and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

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