Spectro Scientific Wins Innovation Research Award for US Army, Navy and Air Force Oil Analysis Programme - Ship Technology
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Spectro Scientific Wins Innovation Research Award for US Army, Navy and Air Force Oil Analysis Programme

Spectro Scientific has won an innovation research award in support of the joint US Army, Navy, and Air Force oil analysis programme.

The leading developer and manufacturer of analytical tools and software for fluid and machine condition monitoring, has earned a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II award totaling $750,000 for its work in reevaluating the joint oil analysis program (JOAP) that consolidates and coordinates the oil analysis programmes of the US Army, Navy and Air Force. The US Small Business Administration makes the SBIR award to promote high-tech innovation in the fulfillment of specific research and development needs. The contract awarded to Spectro Scientific for Phase II efforts extends into the 2016 calendar year.

Spectro Scientific undertook the reevaluation effort with the aim of improving the JOAP by modifying processes and equipment to create more effective oil analysis. The JOAP was formed following the mid-1950s US Bureau of Naval Weapons research into oil analysis as a tool to indicate and predict wear of machine components. The programme has resulted in great improvements in equipment and engine life, as well as maintenance efficiency, with a significant positive effect on operational readiness and economy of the military.

Based on its worldwide expertise in comprehensive, immediate analysis of in-service lubricants, Spectro Scientific proposed a three-phase approach to improving JOAP. The proposals include developing advanced oil analysis methods including frequency and type of sampling; creating prototype equipment for collection and analysis; and expanding the programme to include a multitude of Army, Navy, Coast Guard and Air Force engines and other equipment, in addition to exploring commercial applications, such as commercial aircraft and large scale marine engines.

Spectro Scientific president and CEO Brian Mitchell said: "Spectro Scientific has proposed new processes and technology that can be easily deployed in the field to give military maintenance personnel critical information without waiting for samples to be sent to a laboratory.

"Spectro Scientific has worked closely with the JOAP organisation for over twenty years and we are grateful for this SBIR award. We are even more gratified to be able to support the readiness and efficiency of our nation’s military efforts."

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