BASSnet 2.11 will be released in the coming month and is set to be one of our biggest updates in terms of enhancements. As the scope of development is significant and wide-ranging, we have highlighted a few key changes and new features below that will create value for our customers and increase their efficiency.

Improved processes and new features

A slew of process improvements has been implemented across the board, driven by customer feedback, changes in industry regulations and by the experience and knowledge of our own in-house maritime professionals. Expand the topics below to see what is new and what has been changed in your area of interest:

  • Procurement and logistics
  • HSEQ and operations
  • Maintenance and drydocking
  • Crew management

Enhanced UI/UX design

Design of a software’s user interface is important when it comes to a user’s experience in utilising the features provided. So in conjunction with the enhancements to our existing modules and the addition of several new features, we have also elevated our focus on the design aspect of our main user interface to improve the overall user journey.

That is why we have redesigned the BASSnet solutions to make them more personalised to each user.


With the introduction of Widgets, you can fully configure the main BASSnet screen to show you the information and links that you most often require.

For example, the My Favorites widget allows you to tag any screen in BASSnet as a ‘Favorite’ and it will be accessible directly from the main landing screen. We have also added a My Alerts widget to display a configurable list of user-specific alerts so that you are not inundated with irrelevant alerts that do not concern you.

Other similar widgets can be added to show, among others: your reminders, upcoming events or jobs, fleet compliance statuses, recent shipment records, or to simply present important and up-to-date data at your fingertips. The selection and configuration of the widgets will be saved for each individual user based on their preference for what they would like to see and do.


In keeping with the same philosophy, we have also introduced Shortcuts. In BASSnet 2.11, you can create shortcuts to any record and it will be accessible within each module on the Shortcuts screen. Not only that, you can also create shortcuts for saved queries and filters so that you can directly generate the list of records that you want to see. Shortcuts that have been created can then be tagged as a ‘Favorite’ and will also be accessible from the My Favorites widget.

The main idea behind widgets and shortcuts is to easily get to where you want to go and perform what you need to do. Many existing screens are also given a facelift due to our continued adoption of the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) UI framework.

New installation technology

BASSnet 2.11 will be packaged in an MSIX kit, a modern Windows packaging and deployment technology. This format is known to be reliable (boasting a 99.96% success rate), and optimises the network bandwidth and disk space required to download and install the software. This will significantly reduce the time it takes to install and uninstall BASSnet.

Martin Bjornebye, Vice President of Research & Development at BASS explains: “With MSIX, Microsoft has combined all the best features of MSI, AppX and ClickOnce to offer a radically improved installation experience similar to the one you are used to on your mobile phones.”

After an initial installation, subsequent changes can be detected by BASSnet itself and be automatically applied. Behind the scenes, a sophisticated binary comparison will take place where only the bits that have changed are downloaded and applied. Depending on the changes, this can be very quickly done without any interception from IT personnel or users.

Harnessing the power of BI dashboard

BASSnet 2.11 will launch alongside our new BASSnet BI Dashboard. This tool leverages the flexibility and utility of Microsoft Power BI Embedded to provide you with an advanced statistical platform that allows for in-depth analyses and accurate reporting of your business and operational data, displayed in a user-curated dashboard. Using the BI Dashboard, you can dive even deeper into the statistics by drilling down to the individual transaction records.

We will be going further in-depth about the BI Dashboard in our next post, so stay tuned to this section of our website or follow us on any of our social media channels to catch all our latest updates.

More to come

This of course is just a small teaser of what’s in store. When BASSnet 2.11 is released, you can grab a copy of our Release Notes to check out the full list of changes and enhancements in the suite. For more information on BASSnet 2.11 or any other feature, please fill out the enquiry form on this page.